Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) Rickey Henderson was born on Christmas, which raises the question; whats the worst day of the year to have a birthday? 

My votes: December 26, April 1, February 29. Could you imagine having a birthday once every four years? 

12) Best days of the year to have a birthday? 

My picks are January 1st, July 4th. Maybe December 31, too. 

11) MLB Network ran an old hour-long special Tuesday night on the Oakland A’s of the 70’s; brought me back to my childhood days as a baseball fan. Good stuff.

10) Guessing I’m very late with this, but stumbled across an HBO series called Curb Your Enthusiasm yesterday; funny stuff. Some of Larry David’s act is cringe-worthy, but I spent lot of time laughing, which is pretty much what matters. 

The late Bob Einstein was on this show; he was also the star of Super Dave, a comedy show in the 90’s, and was in Oceans 13. Funny man. 

9) Celtics 118, Raptors 102— Toronto had won 34 consecutive divisional home games. 

8) Edwin Encarnacion signed with the Chicago White Sox for one-year, $12M.

7) NFL named Joe Namath as one of the 22 finalists for the QB slots on their 100 greatest players list. Joe Namath is a terrific guy, was very famous, but he won two (two!!!) playoff games in his career. Overrated, for sure. 

6) My top 3 quarterbacks of Super Bowl era: Elway, Staubach, Brady

5) Ben Roethlisberger said that he’ll be back with the Steelers next year, good news for fans in Pittsburgh. Big Ben hasn’t played since Week 2 this season.

4) Podcast recommendation: “How I Built This”, an interview series with successful people who built big businesses. Interesting to hear how successful people think. 

3) Ravens’ QB Lamar Jackson gave each of his offensive linemen a Rolex watch for Christmas. 

2) Clippers 111, Lakers 106— Smart scheduling by the NBA, having the two LA teams play each other, so neither has to travel on Christmas.

High quality game; Leonard had 35 points, 12 rebounds in a game the Lakers led by 15 points in the third quarter. Harrell had 18 points in 31:00 off the bench for the Clippers. 

1) Houston 75, Washington 71— Cougars win the Diamond Head Classic. We’ll see both teams in March, also on a neutral floor. Houston was +8 in turnovers; their bench outscored Huskies’ bench 18-5, after Washington led by 14 early on. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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