Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) How do you handicap Week 2 NFL games; how much weight do you give to Week 1 games? In weeks 2-3 you have to make a leap of faith to believe what you just saw. Once you’ve seen three games, then you can start making some judgements.

— Are the Jets as the good as they looked? Tampa Bay? Baltimore?
— Is Detroit as awful as it looked? New Orleans? Buffalo?

Thats what makes handicapping so interesting, taking the next step when you’re not sure if you’ll be stepping on solid ground or quicksand. 

12) Brewers 5, Cubs 1— Curtis Granderson had a homer, triple for Milwaukee, which is only a game behind Chicago in the NL Central. 

11) Mets 13, Marlins 0— Start of scheduled doubleheader was delayed by rain for over five hours; they only played one game, will play twinbill today instead. 

10) Lot of people complain about the DH, but it isn’t going anywhere; DH’s make lot more money than the average guy (think Pujols, Victor Martinez, JD Martinez), so the players’ union ain’t never going to agree to get rid of it. Forget about it. 

9) Dodgers are 79-67 this season, but 1-6 against the Cincinnati Reds, 2-4 against the Marlins, which isn’t good when you’re trying to make the playoffs. Have to beat up non-contenders. 

8) Edwin Encarnación is the only player with 30+ HRs in each of the last seven seasons. 

7) It is important to take statistics in context:
— Jacob deGrom is 8-9, despite having a 1.71 ERA
— Lucas Giolito is 10-10, with a 5.76 ERA. 

Go figure. 

6) NFL teams averaged 5.39 yards per play in Week 1; the league averaged 5.29 ypp LY. 

5) NBA season isn’t all that far away; Russell Westbrook had knee surgery recently, will be evaluated again in about a month. 

4) From 1920-2017,  Cleveland Indians had only two games where they had only one hit with that hit being a home run- Jose Ramirez has done it twice himself this season.

3) Colorado Rockies are 22-4 in last 26 games started by Freeland or Marquez. 

2) I was surfing thru yesterday; they have a page dedicated to “hustle leaders”, tracking loose balls recovered, deflections, and “screen assists”, which I assume are hoops scored because the scorer came off that person’s screen. 

As a former college basketball manager, stuff like this makes me smile, because the little things these statistics track are the stuff that make the big things happen. 

1) If the baseball playoffs started today (they don’t):
NL: Atlanta-Chicago-Colorado. Wild Card: Cardinals @ Brewers
AL: Boston-Cleveland-Houston. Wild Card: A’s @ Bronx

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