Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud……

13) Tampa Bay 9, White Sox 1- Rays are off to a 10-3 start; they scored in top of the first inning in all six games on this road trip. Wondering if they prepare differently than other teams, which allows them to score early in games?

12) A gambler wagered $85,000 at a William Hill sportsbook on Eldrick Woods to win The Masters; if Woods wins, the gambler banks $1.19M. 

11) Thinking about the Virginia-Texas Tech game Monday night, and how the total opened at 120 and was quickly bet down to 117. Books cleaned up on that, after the 85-77 final. 

10) Next fall St John’s will have their 6th hoop coach in 18 years; located in Queens, you’d think the Red Storm would be good at basketball, but over the last 17 years. St John’s is 106-190 in Big East games. Of their last five coaches, Steve Lavin was by far the best. 

Why wouldn’t the people who run the school take a deep breath, count to 10, think of all the money they’re about to make and hire Rick Pitino? 

9) Baseball wagering advice; next time Freddy Peralta pitches for the Brewers, check the lineup to see who Milwaukee’s catcher is. 

When Manny Pina catches Peralta, as he has 75% of the time, batters hit .165 vs Peralta. 

When someone else catches Peralta, teams hit around .300 against him. 

This isn’t difficult; I mean, I was lucky to graduate from a state college, but even I know that Peralta is a way better pitcher when Pina is his catcher. 

8) Twins’ OF Max Kepler was born in Germany; both his parents were ballet dancers. 

Twins were scheduled to fly home after their game at Citi Field last night, but they might not have made it; they were expecting 15 inches of snow in the Twin Cities, so the plane may have had to land in Milwaukee instead. 

7) Coaching carousel:
— BYU hired former Utah Valley coach Mark Pope as its new coach.
— Belmont hired Lipscomb coach Casey Alexander, a Belmont alum. 

6) I get this phone call Tuesday afternoon, from some company supposedly trying to get me a job,  a job I haven’t asked for, nor one that I want. 

Politely tell the woman that I’m not interested, but she rattles on and I listen. She asks if I’m an American citizen, I say yes. Then she asks what year I graduated high school. When I tell her, she abruptly ends the call and hangs up. Alrighty then. 

Thanks for nothing, lady.

5) Orlando Magic made the NBA playoffs this year for first time in seven years under coach Steve Clifford, who is in his first year with the Magic. 

Coaches often lead a nomadic existence; way back in 1994-95, Clifford spent a season as an assistant coach at Siena College, which is four miles from Armadillo World HQ here in beautiful Colonie, NY. 

Siena is a small school; they have a good mid-major basketball program, but its a hell of a long way from the NBA. Credit to coach Clifford for making it to and succeeding in the bigtime. 

4) Celtics’ Marcus Smart has suffered a torn oblique on his left side and could be sidelined for the first two rounds of the NBA playoffs. 

3) Kansas City’s Billy Hamilton scored from second on a long fly ball to centerfield Tuesday night. Hamilton ain’t much of a hitter, but he is a good fielder and is very, very fast. 

2) Magic Johnson must’ve been pretty disgusted if he quit without telling Jeannie Buss or Rob Pelinka first; common wisdom seems to be that Johnson didn’t work that hard at the job- he has business interests he deals with, too. Being a team president is a pretty serious job.

He actually said, “Now I can tweet whenever I like” kind of a stunning thing to say. 

1) Just because a guy was a great ballplayer doesn’t mean he will be great at other stuff.

Being an executive. Three different skill sets.

Great players can be arrogant about thinking they know more about everything than a guy who didn’t play, or didn’t play as well. That simply isn’t true, and it gets proven every year. 

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