Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud……

13) Smart move; ESPN’s new gambling-related program, Daily Wager, will have a 9am Sunday slot on ESPN2 during football season. It actually should be on closer to kickoff, but a very good move to give it Sunday exposure. 

12) July sports betting revenue in New Jersey: $17,884,790 

Year-to-date sports betting revenue in New Jersey: $127,518,555

11) According to Caesar’s sportsbook, Miami Dolphins are 5-2 favorites to finish with the worst record in the NFL this season. Giants/Bengals have next-lowest odds, at 9-2.

10) This makes no sense to me; you can go into the Army and fight in a war at age 18, but you can’t gamble in a casino until you’re 21. No bueno.

9) Sounds as if LT Trent Williams won’t be playing for the Redskins anytime soon, which is bad news for Washington fans and for the health of the Redskins’ QB’s. 

8) A’s 9, Giants 5— 30-year old rookie named Corban Joseph went 1-4, knocked in a run in this game, his first in MLB this year, six years after his MLB debut. 

In 2013, Joseph went 1-6 in two games for Bronx; last year, he was 4-18 in 14 games for the Orioles. This year, Joseph hit .371 at AAA Las Vegas, so he got the call this week with Oakland struggling getting offense from the keystone position. 

That is what is cool about the minor leagues; guys who refuse to give up on their dreams, and once in a while, they get called (back) up to the majors and those dreams are realized. 

7) Baseball stuff:
— Giants put 3B Pablo Sandoval on the IL.
— Mets put 2B/OF Jeff MacNeil (hamstring) on the IL.
— Rays put OF Avisail Garcia (oblique) on the IL.
— Pirates’ P Jameson Taillon had Tommy John surgery Tuesday.
— Arizona P Robbie Ray took himself out of Wednesday’s game after two innings.

6) Olive Garden is offering a limited number of customers unlimited pasta for life for $500   beginning Thursday at 2pm. At $10.99 a pop, you go more than 45 times the rest of your life, and you’re making money on the deal. 

They offered the same deal two years ago and they sold out in under 90 seconds. 

5) Odd Fact of the Day;
— Hunter Renfroe is an outfielder for the San Diego Padres.
— Hunter Renfrow is a wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders. 

4) Tampa Bay Rays average 15,000+ fans per home game; they average 26,000+ on the road. 

3) On August 1, a 22-year-old gambler wagered $2,000 on the Mets to win the World Series at a FanDuel sportsbook, which would pay him $200,000. Mets were 52-55 at the time, but had won six games in a row. 

2) They had Bark at the Park at the Rockies’ game Tuesday night; there was a dog there that weighs 190 pounds. Can’t even imagine owning a dog that is so big- its owners said the dog sleeps 18 hours a day. 

1) New York 6, Baltimore 5— Hard to believe, but the Orioles were in the playoffs three years ago; they’re 39-82 this season, and have zero hope of contending anytime soon. Pitching is a very important part of baseball, and the Orioles are sorely lacking in pitching prospects.

Mercifully, this is the last time these two teams meet this season.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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