Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud

13) Didn’t write about this yesterday because I was trying to fully grasp whats going on, but there are strange doings on social media this week. Apparently 76ers’ GM Bryan Colangelo was discovered to be running five burner Twitter accounts, which did various things that a GM shouldn’t be doing, like disclosing players’ medical information and ripping his predecessor. 

12) 76ers put out a statement saying they’re investigating the whole thing. 

Joel Embiid said “I talked to him and he said that he didn’t say that. He called me just to deny the story. Gotta believe him until proven otherwise. If true though, that would be really bad.”

One thing no one in Philly wants to do is tick off Embiid. 

11) There are 30 teams in the NBA- their draft is two rounds, so that is 60 guys who will get drafted in late June. 

Last I heard, 77 kids have bolted college early for the NBA; when you add in foreign players and international players, going to be lot of disappointed kids after the draft. G-League draft will have lot of recognizable names in it.

10) Cleveland Browns’ DB Demarious Randall tweeted this week that if the Cavaliers beat Golden State in the NBA Finals, he would buy everyone who re-tweeted his tweet a Cavaliers’ jersey (they cost around $100). 

Well, 831,404 re-tweeted his tweet, and since Randall doesn’t make anywhere near $9M a year, he had to use the “obviously it was a joke” line, referring to his offer to buy lot of jerseys. 

9) Did some research this week; looking at which umpires call the highest %age of strikes, Here is part of what I found. Most every umpire is somewhere around 17%. 

Highest %age of strikes called (for starting P’s only):
Culbreth 20.8%, Greg Gibson 20.6%, Nelson 19.9%, Lentz 19.5%

8) Lowest %age of strikes called (for starting P’s only):
Reynolds 14.4%, Woodring 14.9%, Bucknor 15.4%, Welke 16.0%

7) Duke, Northwestern, Purdue are leading the race for Clemson transfer QB Hunter Johnson, who has to sit this season out, but then will have three years to play. Johnson was rated asthe #2 pro-style passer in the 2017 recruiting class 

6) Cubs scored 8+ runs in seven of Jon Lester’s 11 starts. 

5) Dodgers put P Kenta Maeda (hip strain) on DL.
Phillies put LF Rhys Hoskins (jaw) on DL. 

4) Washington 3, Vegas 2— This is just third time since 2005 that Stanley Cup finals are tied 1-1. 

3) Nevada Wolf Pack got very good news Wednesday, as the Martin twins are coming back to Reno to play another year of ball, which makes the Wolf Pack a top 20 team. 

2) The baseball commissioner hinted this week that calling balls/strikes via automation isn’t impossible in the future. Does this guy even like baseball? Why would this be a good idea? 

Having humans call balls/strikes is as important as having humans play the game. 

Call me paranoid, but if my favorite team the A’s was playing New York in the ALCS, with the big money TV ratings for the World Series at stake, do you think I’d be trusting that someone wasn’t rigging the automated umpire to favor New York? You bet your ass I’d think that. 

1) If you want a laugh, find the front page of today’s New York Post. It has a picture of two people sitting in the Oval Office, after their discussion about prison reform. I’m not going to say anything else about it, other than you can find the picture on Twitter or the Post’s website.

Read the captions above the picture; classic New York Post stuff. 

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