Thursday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) Nationals 2, Phillies 0— Max Scherzer broke his nose Tuesday during bunting practice, but he pitched the nightcap of this twinbill a day later, though he looked like Rocky Balboa, with a blackened right eye. 

Throwing seven shutout innings the day after you break your nose is excellent. 

12) Newly-signed P Dallas Keuchel will make his 2019 debut for the Braves Friday night against Washington. 

11) San Diego’s Manny Machado hit a high infield pop-up Wednesday; four Brewers stared at each other and the ball fell harmlessly to the ground between the mound and the first base line. No one touched it, so it was called a single, which drives me nuts. 

How the bleep can the pitcher be penalized for that? Next guy walked, next guy hit a home run and he gets nailed for three earned runs? That rule has to change; just plain stupid.

10) Milwaukee TV analyst Bill Schroeder, who is very good, ripped Machado for not being on second base when the ball fell, which ignites a different debate. 

That ball gets caught 99 times out of 100; do you want your players sprinting when there is a 1% chance of  getting an extra base, as opposed to a higher chance of pulling a muscle? I can see both sides of this argument.

9) Memphis Grizzlies traded PG Mike Conley to Utah for Kyle Korver, Jae Crowder and Grayson Allen, as well as two draft picks. Conley scored 21.1 ppg LY; he played the first 12 years of his NBA career with the Grizzlies. 

8) Braves 7, Mets 2— Nick Markakis had played in 240 consecutive games, longest active streak in the major leagues; he didn’t start this game, but had a 2-run pinch single in the 8th inning to extend his streak to 241. 

7) Baseball stuff:
— Braves put P Sean Newcomb on 7-day concussion IL.
— Tampa Bay put 3B Yandy Diaz (hamstring) on IL. 

6) Random movie/TV trivia: actress Shera Danese, who played Vicky, the 2nd hooker in Risky Business, was married to Peter Falk (Columbo) for 34 years until he died in 2011. She appeared in six of the Columbo movies, from 1976-97. 

5) College basketball transfer portal:
— F Karrington Davis bolts from Nebraska to Southern Illinois. 

4) Alex Meruelo, who owns the SLS Las Vegas hotel/casino, was approved to become the owner of the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes. SLS has the smallest rooms I’ve ever stayed in in Las Vegas, but it was a cool place. Good food places there. 

3) Detroit Lions’ QB Matthew Stafford played last season despite “tiny fractures in his back”; he was listed as questionable in Weeks 14-16, but started all three games.

2) Lakers and Pelicans are reportedly set to complete the Anthony Davis trade July 6; had they waited until July 30 to make the deal, LA would’ve saved $9M in cap space, and that difference could prevent them from pursuing another free agent for a max contract. No bueno. 

1) Told you few days ago about this terrific new book “Then One Day” that I am reading now. Written by Chris Andrews, who runs the sportsbook at SouthPoint in Las Vegas, it is filled with stories from the gambling world over the last 40 years. An example……..

Have you ever played Keno in a casino? Keno is Chinese in origin; the guy who introduced it in Nevada casinos a long, long time ago got the idea by talking to Chinese immigrants who were working on the railroad in Montana, where the guy lived at the time.

I’ve never played Keno myself, but you always see people playing it in casinos. Knowing how it became a thing in Nevada, coming from China, is pretty interesting. 

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