Wednesday’s Den: Some quick thoughts before we see the NFL schedule

The entire 2023 NFL schedule gets released Thursday night; the league released its schedule of international games Wednesday.

— There will be three games in England:
October 1— Falcons-Jaguars, Wembley Stadium
October 8— Bills-Jaguars, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
October 15— Ravens-Titans, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

This will be first time a team plays two games in one season overseas.

There will be two games in Frankfurt, Germany:
November 5— Dolphins-Chiefs
November 12— Colts-Patriots

— League also leaked some other games:
Week 1 Sunday night— Dallas @ Giants
November 24— Dolphins @ Jets
October 29— Giants vs Jets
Christmas Day— Giants @ Eagles
December 31— Bengals-Chiefs

Questions/comments that I have about the schedule:
— Since 1992, Green Bay’s starting QB has either been Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers; this year, it is going to be Jordan Love. Sometimes you can tell the league’s expectations for a team when you look at their schedule, as far aa how many 4:25/primetime games they get.

Will be interesting to look at Green Bay’s schedule.

— How many primetime games will Aaron Rodgers’ Jets get? We already know they have the Black Friday game against Miami.

— Deshaun Watson’s Cleveland Browns visit Houston this year; is that a primetime game?

— With Kyler Murray slated to miss the start of the season (knee) you’d rather play Arizona in September, right? Plus, Cardinals have a first-time head coach and two first-time coordinators.

Colt McCoy figures to start at QB until Murray is ready to go.

— Houston Texans are on their fourth head coach in four years; how quickly will they start their rookie QB?

— Seeing how Lamar Jackson missed the Ravens’ last six games last year, and their last four the year before, it’ll be interesting to see where the NFL places their six divisional games.

— Last two years, LA Rams went 0-7 in November; they’re going to have a very young roster this season. Will they even be in contention when November rolls around? 

— Over the last 20 years, Super Bowl winners have done well against the spread in Week 1 the following season (11-6-3 ATS); the Super Bowl loser is 4-16 ATS in Week 1 the last 20 years.

Who will the Eagles open up against this year, with their two new coordinators? Both their coordinators from last year are now head coaches, in Arizona/Indianapolis.

— For first time in a long time, Detroit Lions have big expectations this season; how many games will they get in prime-time?

— It is possible that three of four teams in the AFC South will start rookie QBs this season; probably not in Week 1, but Trevor Lawrence, at some point, is going to be the AFC South’s most experienced starting QB— he’s played two years in the NFL.

— Carolina Panthers have a new coach, a new (rookie) QB; you’d rather play them early in the season, right?

— Frank Reich coaches the Panthers now; his old team, Indianapolis, visits Charlotte this year. Could very well be a game with two rookie QB’s facing each other.

Colts haven’t had the same starting QB two years in a row since Andrew Luck, in 2015-16. 

— This time tomorrow we’ll know the 2023 schedule; as Bud Grant used to say, “It isn’t who you play, it’s when you play them.”

Very true. 

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