Thursday’s Den: Random facts on a summer day…….

13) St Louis Cardinals are on their 8th road trip this season (road TRIPS, not road SERIES)
— They’re 0-8 in first game of a road trip.
— They’re 8-0 in second game of a road trip.
— They’re 18-21 in all their other road games.

12) HBO’s Hard Knocks is most always fun to watch; lot of it depends on the team they’re covering, if they give good access to their more interesting personalities.

This year’s Lions’ coaching staff has over 80 years of NFL playing experience, which is kind of unusual. Playing/coaching take different skill sets; am looking forward to the rest of the shows, to see how much they focus on the current players, as opposed to coaches/front office.

11) Los Angeles Chargers haven’t won the AFC West since 2009; they’ve had five winning seasons the last nine years, but haven’t made the playoffs since 2018.

10) Odds to win the NFC East this year:
+140— Dallas
+150— Philadelphia
+525— Washington
+900— NJ Giants

9) Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera holds a major league record; he has 48 games with 4+ hits. 

8) There are 299 major league ballplayers with 1,000+ RBI’s. 

7) Miami Marlins scored 3 or fewer runs their last 10 games in a row. 

6) breakdown on Minnesota Twins’ pitcher Joe Ryan:
— last 5 road starts, allowed 24 runs in 23.1 IP
— last 5 home starts, he has a 2.83 ERA. 

5) Random fact: Andre Dawson was a Hall of Fame ballplayer; he hit 438 home runs playing for four teams, mostly Expos/Cubs. Despite batting righty and throwing righty, Dawson writes left-handed. These days, he owns a funeral home in Richmond Heights, FL. 

4) Washington Commanders haven’t won a playoff game since 2005, when Joe Gibbs was their coach; they’ve lost their last five playoff games.

3) In two years with Tom Brady at QB, Buccaneers are +18 in turnovers; the two years before he got to Tampa Bay, the Bucs were minus-31 in turnovers. 

2) San Francisco 49ers have four winning season the last 10 years; they made the playoffs in all four winning years- they went WWL in the playoffs all four of those years. 

1) If the baseball playoffs started today (they do not):
NL: Mets, Cardinals, Dodgers. Wild Cards: Atlanta-Philly-San Diego
AL: New York, Guardians, Astros. Wild Cards: Toronto-Seattle-Balt/TB

Author: Armadillo Sports

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