Thursday’s Den: Nobody asked me, but…….

13) Celtics 116, Warriors 100:
— Boston led 68-56 at halftime.
— Celtics held Golden State to 11 points in 4th quarter.
— Celtics lead the series 2-1

In NBA Finals series that were 1-1, the Game 3 winner has won 32 of 39 series. 

12) This was Boston’s 51st home game this season; you would think by now that their crew that lays everything out for the game wound know how high a basket is supposed to be. But no.

About an hour before this game, Warrior players complained that the basket they were shooting at was too high and……..they were right and their warmup was disrupted.

Purely accidental, I’m sure. Uh-huh. 

11) Los Angeles Angels haven’t been in the playoffs since 2014, they haven’t won a playoff game since 2009, despite being a big market team with an owner who spends a lot of money. They haven’t finished a season over .500 since 2015.

Interim manager Phil Nevin is the first major league manager who was also the #1 overall pick in the amateur draft; Astros took him with the first pick in the 1992 draft. 

10) Neglected to mention this the other day, but Eduardo Escobar hit for the cycle Monday night in San Diego, the first Met in 10 years to hit for the cycle. Cycles happen less frequently than no-hitters. Escobar got a triple in his last at-bat Monday.

9) Retired tennis star Andre Agassi is helping fund a third-party NIL program to financially benefit UNLV athletes; this is what college sports are coming to, rich boosters openly giving money/opportunity to athletes who attend their school.

Mark Cuban went to Indiana; I’m guessing the same stuff is going on there, and everywhere, if teams want to win. 

8) Cubs got rained out in Baltimore Wednesday; they’ve scored at least one run in the first inning in seven of their last eight games. 

7) This Saudi-backed golf tour, the LIV Tour, will have 54-hole tournaments (LIV is the Roman numeral for 54) and no cuts. So far, 10-12 well-known players have bolted to the LIV Tour, which starts this week in England— the next tournament is in Oregon. 

6) Was watching the replay of an old Jets-Rams game from 2004, when Mike Martz coached the Rams and Marc Bulger was the QB. Rams finished 8-8 that year, winning their last game in OT, which put them in the playoffs— they had a minus-24 turnover ration.

It is astounding that a team with a minus-24 turnover ratio made the playoffs, and then won a game in the playoffs. 

5) Speaking of the Rams, they extended WR Cooper Kupp’s contract, giving him $20M a year or so, which he obviously has earned, being Super Bowl MVP and all. Not bad for a guy who played his college football at I-AA Eastern Washington, where the home turf is bright red. 

4) Canadian football League starts this week; BC Lions have two QB’s, Nathan Rourke, Michael O’Connor, both of whom are Canadians. 

Was reading online that this is the first time in CFL history a team will have two Canadian QB’s.

3) Phillies 10, Brewers 0— This could just be a coincidence, but Philadelphia is 5-0 since they fired manager Joe Girardi. 

2) Was reading an article on the Interweb about ten guys who could be traded before the August 2 trade deadline; three of the first five guys on the list are on my fantasy team. Hopefully they won’t all get traded at the same time, if they’re traded at all.

Actually, Dom Smith also figures to be traded, and he wasn’t on that list. I need him to get dealt to a team that needs a productive hitter, which he is.

1) Actor Matthew McConaughey is from Uvalde, TX, where 4th graders were murdered in their school a couple weeks ago; not sure if his voice will help fix anything, but you wonder what is wrong with people when stuff like that happens, and nothing changes. Politicians are so corrupt they they value the $$$ they get from the NRA over 10-year olds getting murdered. Not good. 

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