Thursday’s Den: NFL knowledge on a summer day

13) This is seriously one of the hardest trivia questions I’ve seen; Nick Saban went 15-17 coaching the Miami Dolphins in 2005-06; during that time, five QB’s started at least one game. Who are they? 

Answer will be posted below.

12) LSU had 14 players drafted back in April, the most of any team this year; Michigan, Ohio State had ten guys picked each.

11) Players drafted by conference this year:
63— SEC
48— Big 14
32— Pac-12
27— ACC
21— Big 12
17— AAC
10— C-USA, Mountain West

10) Bill Belichick’s career playoff record is 31-12; 14 of the other 31 NFL head coaches have 30 or fewer regular season wins in their careers.

9) Kevin Stefanski will be the Cleveland Browns’ 9th head coach in 14 years; by way of contrast, Pittsburgh has had three head coaches since 1969.

8) Baltimore Ravens, another one of the Browns’ division rivals, have had only two head coaches over the last 21 years, During that time, Baltimore is 213-148.

7) Since 1992, Cincinnati Bengals have had five head coaches:
— Marvin Lewis was 131-129-3 coaching the Bengals (0-7 in playoffs)
— The other four guys were a combined 54-138

6) Sean McDermott is 25-25 coaching the Buffalo Bills; the last Bills coach to finish his tenure in Buffalo with a winning record? Wade Phillips, who went 29-21 from 1998-2000.

5) Since 1995, Raiders have had 13 head coaches; only two of them had winning records:
— Jon Gruden is 51-49 and obviously he is still active
— Jack Del Rio 25-24

4) There is a guy named Rip Scherer who is a senior coaching assistant with the LA Chargers; he was the head coach at Memphis State from 1995-2000, where he coached NFL Hall of Famer Isaac Bruce.

Back in 1990, I went to a junior college game in Los Angeles; West LA Junior College at Santa Monica College. Great football on a sketchy field with about 200 people watching, but it was really good football. How good? Isaac Bruce played for West LA that day, and later played for Scherer at Memphis, before making his mark in the NFL.

3) Of all active players who have returned 40+ punts, who has the highest yards/return?

Tyreek Hill has returned 85 punts for 11.9 yards per attempt, with four run back for TD’s.

2) Jim Bob Cooter is the running backs coach for the Jets; he was the offensive coordinator for the Lions for 3+ years. Cooter is also living proof that it is valuable to know Peyton Manning; he was a backup QB his whole career at Tennessee, getting into six games, but wound up as an NFL coordinator, in part because he worked for the Broncos while fellow Tennessee alum Manning played there at the end of his Hall of Fame career.

1) Speaking of Manning, who owns the Denver Broncos’ single-game record for most passing yardage? Manning? John Elway? Steve Tensi?

Try Jake Plummer, who threw for 499 yards in a 41-28 loss to Atlanta on Halloween Day, 2004.

Trivia answer:
QB’s who started for Nick Saban’s Miami Dolphins:
15- Gus Frerotte
11- Joey Harrington
4- Daunte Culpepper
1- Sage Rosenfels
1- Cleo Lemon

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