Thursday’s Den: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone……

Originally I was going spend today naming names of people that I have a debt of gratitude towards for various reasons over the years, but then people would get left out and I’d feel like a jerk, so I bailed on that idea. Just want to say on this Thanksgiving Day, thank you so much to all my friends and readers out there. 

I will go out of my way to publicly thank my eye surgeons, Dr Mallick and Dr Lemanski, who fixed my right eye. Its great to be able to see well again!!!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone……..

13) Georgia State 123, Georgia Tech 120, 4OT:
— This might wind up being the best game played all season.
— Visiting Panthers were up 7 at the half, led by 11 with 14:01 left.
— Tech was 41-59 on foul line, State 21-38.
— Tech was +12 on boards, but shot only 7-33 on arc.
— This is Georgia State’s first-ever win over an ACC team. 

12) Ravens-Steelers game scheduled for Thanksgiving night was moved to Sunday afternoon, because Baltimore has COVID issues. 

11) QB changes for NFL teams this weekend:
— Bengals will start backup QB Brandon Allen, his first 2020 start; he was 1-2 as a starter for Denver last season.
— Mike Glennon gets the start at QB for the Jaguars, his first NFL start since 2017; he is 6-16 as an NFL starter. Glennon is on his 5th different team the last five years. 

10) Glennon is also the answer to a good trivia question; when Russell Wilson bolted NC State after his junior season for Wisconsin because he wouldn’t give up playing minor league baseball, Mike Glennon became the starter for the Wolfpack.

Glennon started for the Wolfpack for two years; after a 7-5 regular season his senior year, the school fired coach Tom O’Brien, who was largely responsible for Wilson’s transfer the year before.

9) Drake 80, Kansas State 70:
— Bad loss for the Wildcats of the Big X; they put only two guys in double figures.
— Great win for the Missouri Valley; Drake won 20+ games the last two years, for the first time since 1970-71. Garrett Sturtz scored 15 points off the Bulldogs’ bench. 

8) Oklahoma State 75, Tex-Arlington 68:
— One of the most timeless recruiting scams: hiring a great recruit’s father/brother as an assistant coach. Kansas did it with Danny Manning in the 80’s, and now Oklahoma State has dome it, hiring Cade Cunningham’s brother as an assistant. Cowboys aren’t on probation this year, but Cunningham didn’t bolt- he’ll never play in an NCAA tournament game, since odds are he’ll be in the NBA Draft next June. And his brother will still have a job.
— Strong showing here by Tex-Arlington of the Sun Belt; game was 32-27 at the half. 

7) Upsets of the Day:
— St Francis PA (+15) 80, Pittsburgh 70
— Georgia State (+8) 123, Georgia Tech 120, 4OT
— Towson State (+8) 76, San Francisco 68
— Drake (+5.5) 80, Kansas State 70
— San Diego State (+3.5) 73, UCLA 58

6) Arizona State 94, Rhode Island 88:
— Bobby Hurley was a whiner when he played and he’s a whiner as a coach, but now, with no fans in the stands, refs can hear everything he says. He got a technical in this game.
— Lot of whistles in this game: ASU was 34-46 on the line, Rams were 21-35.
— Imagine whining the whole game, and your team shoots 46 free throws??? 

5) Memphis 73, Saint Mary’s 56:
— If Penny Hardaway stays in Memphis, he’ll get the Tigers to a Final Four.
— Not sure if Saint Mary’s is as good as usual- they were 1-18 on arc in this game. 

4) San Diego State 73, UCLA 58:
— UCLA was missing two of its top six players, but still……
— Aztecs were +5 in turnovers, put four players in double figures. 

3) NFL Films had a great show on FS1 Tuesday, “My first favorite player”; it had past, present players describing their first favorite NFL player, as well as celebrities’ favorite players, people like Jon Hamm, Marlee Matlin, Roger Staubach, Jon Gruden, Sean McVay. Very well done.

Picked up (at least) three good nuggets watching this show:
— Actor James VanDerBeek says that he was such a Brett Favre fan, that when he made the movie Varsity Blues, it was in his contract that his character had to wear #4, not #12, as originally planned.
— Hall of Fame safety Ronnie Lott says that wore #42 because he was a Redskins fan and his favorite player was Charley Taylor, the great receiver.
— Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said he wore #33 on the basketball court because his first favorite football player was Giants’ FB Mel Triplett. Kareem grew up in New York City.

2) Our thoughts/prayers go out to the family of Dallas Cowboys strength/conditioning coach Markus Paul, who passed away Wednesday at age 54. He collapsed at the Cowboys’ facility Tuesday morning. Very sad thing. RIP, sir.

1) March 12 seems like about five years ago, but that was when the conference tournaments were paused last spring, because of COVID. Was great to see college basketball again last night, even with empty gyms. Hope you enjoy the games today; have a great holiday. 

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