Thursday’s Den: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) Dodgers 4, Astros 3 (13)— The new extra innings rule is supposed to prevent 13-inning games, but Dodgers were 2-15 with RISP, Houston 3-19- hard to score runs that way.

Dodger reliever Joe Kelly got an 8-game suspension for his antics Tuesday night, when he threw at two Astros hitters. In a 60-game season, that’s a long suspension.

12) Astros had been favored in 80 consecutive regular season games, before losing the last two nights to the Dodgers as home underdogs.

11) Philadelphia Phillies got the go-ahead to play ball again, will resume with a doubleheader at home against the Buffalo Blue Jays Saturday. Those games will be Blue Jay “home” games; they will bat last, but the games are in Philly.

10) Washington Nationals’ OF Juan Soto also got the OK to play ball, good news for the defending champs.

9) Giants 7, Padres 6- San Diego led 6-3 in 8th inning but blew the lead and Mike Yastrzemski walked it off with a leadoff homer in the 9th.

8) Good news for the Atlanta Braves; veteran OF Nick Markakis originally opted out of this season, but now has changed his mind and will play ball for the Braves.

7) Nevada sports books lost $453,000 for the month of June, the first time in almost seven years (83 months) that they showed red ink over an entire month.

6) Mets’ rookie SS Andres Gimenez got his first major league hit Wednesday night, a big night for him, and later added a triple. He also got picked off after the first hit, but it had to be an exciting night for the young man.

5) Rangers 7, Arizona 4— Lance Lynn blanked Arizona for six innings, allowing only three baserunners. Diamondbacks fouled off 32 of his 102 pitches; they got only one hit on the 55 swings they took against him.

4) Washington 4, Toronto 0 (10)— Max Scherzer and rookie Nate Pearson had a great pitching duel; game was scoreless after nine innings, before the Nationals posted a 4-spot in the top of the 10th inning.

3) Rosters are 30 right now; in about three weeks they’ll be down tp 26, and then there will be more of a strain will be put on bullpens, with four less bodies on each bench.

2) If the playoffs started Thursday morning (they don’t), playoff teams would be:
AL: Bronx, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Cleveland, Houston, Oakland, Detroit, Toronto
NL: Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Milwaukee, Colorado, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York

1) RIP to veteran basketball coach Lou Henson 88; he is best known for coaching Illinois, where he won 423 games in 21 years. He also coached at New Mexico State for 17 years.

RIP to former big league manager John McNamara, 88; he managed six teams, but was best known for being the Red Sox’ skipper in 1986. 

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