Thursday’s Den: Doing some thinking out loud……

13) If the Seahawks trade Russell Wilson, I’ll be doing snow angels on my front lawn and I’m not kidding. As a Ram fan, watching them defend Wilson twice a year (3 times this past year) for the last nine seasons hasn’t been fun.

Send him to Las Vegas, the Jets, Houston— anywhere outside the NFC West!!!

12) Last bet I made in Las Vegas was October 2019, Seattle @ Cleveland. Seahawks won 32-28, I had some great pizza at Bonanno’s (around corner from excellent sportsbook at MGM Grand) and all was well with the world. Rooting for Wilson is more fun than rooting against him.

While you were sleeping the other night, I was watching movies and doing research. Here are some trends on how teams who lost a Super Bowl fared the next season:

11) 37 of 54 Super Bowl losers made the playoffs again the next season.

10) 8 of 54 Super Bowl losers made it back to the Super Bowl the next year, going 3-5.

Three teams that won the Super Bowl the year after losing one:
— 1971 Cowboys
— 1972 Dolphins
— 2018 Patriots

9) Last team to lose the Super Bowl 2+ years in a row: the 1990-93 Bills.

8) From 1974-86, the loser of the Super Bowl made the playoffs the next season every year, but went only 2-12 in playoff games.

7) Overall, Super Bowl losers are 32-34 SU in playoff games the following season.

6) There was a 3-way trade in baseball:
— Royals get OF Andrew Benitendi
— Red Sox get OF Franchy Cordero and P prospect Josh Winckowski
— Mets get OF prospect Khalil Lee

5) From what I read/hear on the Interweb, the Houston Texans are a tremendous mess.

Team president Jamey Rootes quit Wednesday, at least in part from tensions over the front office’s recent general manager search. I’ve never heard of this freakin’ guy, but they said on TV that the team’s owner ignored the work the search committee did on finding a new GM. Roones has worked for Houston for 20 years, so his quitting is no small thing.

Rootes’ resignation comes a week after the Texans fired Kevin Krajcovic, director of football administration, as well as equipment manager Mike Parson- they also fired a PR person who had been there for years.

Cal McNair has run the Texans since his father passed away; he got thoroughly ripped on an ESPN talkshow Wednesday, by three ex-NFL players. We’ll see if they wind up trading QB Deshaun Watson, but if I was a Texans’ fan, I’d be pretty queasy right now.

4) Over last two NBA seasons, Dallas Mavericks have lost 23 games by 5 or fewer points, the most of any team in the league.

3) Heard a new TV analyst on ESPNU Wednesday; former North Carolina coach Matt Doherty, who was a pleasant surprise. He spoke his mind, gave out some Dean Smith tidbits, and was generally upbeat and candid.

I’ve said this a lot here; the best announce teams are when you feel like you’re eavesdropping on two friends watching a game. Thats what this was like, so a good hire by ESPN.

2) Washington’s NFL team re-signed QB Taylor Heinicke, I’m guessing to be their backup again next season. Heinicke threw for 306 yards in Washington’s playoff game last month; you would think they’ll try to acquire a bigger name to start next year, but Heinicke proved he belongs in the league.

1) Weird season in college basketball; Kentucky is 5-13, Duke is 7-8. Michigan State is 4-7 in conference games. March is going to be a very interesting month. 

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