Thursday’s Den: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) A voice that has been in my living room most every summer night for the last 20 or so years has left us. Oakland A’s TV analyst Ray Fosse passed away this week from cancer, at age 74.

Most people remember Ray Fosse as the catcher Pete Rose crashed into at the end of the 1970 All-Star Game; that play fractured Fosse’s shoulder and made him less of a player. So much so that Cleveland traded him to the A’s after the 1972 season. 

Fosse helped the A’s win the World Series in ’73 and ’74; he wound up playing 12 years in the big leagues, but he was never the same as he was as a rookie in 1970. He started broadcasting A’s baseball in 1985, never stopped until this summer, when his 16-year battle with cancer became too much.

He was a good ballplayer who lasted a dozen years behind the plate, he was a calming influence for me on TV on nights when my blood pressure got a little high. He will be missed.

RIP, sir.

12) From Chris Fallica of ESPN: This is the first time since October 12, 2014 that Alabama, Clemson or Ohio State are all outside the AP Top 4.

The Top 4 that week in 2014 was Mississippi State, Florida State, Ole Miss and Baylor.

11) In their last three games, Buffalo Bills are +11 in turnovers; in three of their last four games, they played against a backup QB.

10) Texas-El Paso’s football team is 5-1 this season; the previous four years combined the Miners were 5-39, so great coaching job by Dana Dimel. Getting to a bowl game this season would be a terrific accomplishment for UTEP.

9) NFC East teams are 6-1 ATS in non-divisional road games; they’re 1-6 ATS in non-divisional home games.

8) Other NFL trends:
— NFC North teams are 5-1 ATS in non-divisional home games.
— AFC South teams are 5-s ATS as non-divisional road underdogs.
— AFC West teams are 3-6 ATS in non-divisional home games.

7) Matthew Kerr, son of Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, is one of the writers on the Apple TV show, Ted Lasso.

6) Texas Longhorns had 90 recruits in Dallas Saturday for the Oklahoma game; seeing how Texas lost 54-48, hopefully lot of those kids play defense.

5) From the category of “great wastes of money” are the cardboard postcards local politicians mail out when they’re campaigning. Does anyone read these? Mailman should save me some time and just slide them into my garbage can, instead of the mailbox.

4) San Francisco Giants have 13 coaches, a huge coaching staff.

3) I’ve never heard of St Thomas (MN) College before, but they’re making a big jump in hoops, from Division III to Division I. Turns out the Tommies got thrown out of their D-III league for being too dominant, so they’re making a huge leap into the Summit League, which last year was #16-ranked league in country, right in middle nationally.

2) United Airlines had 2,000 openings for flight attendants; they got 20,000 applications for those jobs. Good to see people wanting to get back to work.

1) Nate Silver is a writer, a very smart person who analyzes baseball and politics; he also plays poker- he finished 2nd recently in a tournament at the World Series of Poker, which is going on now in Las Vegas, instead of its usual summer date.

Silver cashed in $154,000 for that second place finish; its good to be smart.

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