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13) Robert Griffin III hasn’t retired as an NFL player yet, but if he does, TV networks will be scrapping for his services as an analyst.

Apparently, RG3’s TV auditions went so well that FOX/ESPN will be bidding for his services as soon as he puts his retirement papers in.

Griffin was the 2nd player taken in the 2012 Draft; he went 9-6 in his rookie year as a QB with Washington, but has gone 7-20 since then, drifting to Cleveland, then Baltimore.

12) Hawks 109, 76ers 106:
— Atlanta trailed by 24 with 2:10 left in third quarter.
— Hawks scored 54 points on their first 66 possessions.
— Hawks scored 55 points on their last 31 possessions.
— Atlanta leads series, 3-2. 

11) Over the last 25 years, 76ers are ONLY TEAM to blow a lead of 18+ points in consecutive playoff games.

10) Clippers 119, Jazz 111— Clippers grab 3-2 series lead despite Kawhi Leonard missing this game with a leg injury. LA leads this series 3-2.

9) Red Sox 10, Braves 8:
— Arroyo hit a pinch-hit grand slam in the 7th inning.
— Atlanta has four losses this year when they scored 8+ runs; in the last three years combined, they lost a total of five such games.

8) Giants 13, Diamondbacks 7:
— Arizona has lost 13 in row, 26 of its last 28 games.
— Arizona lost its last 22 road games.

7) Alex, I’d like Strange Scheduling for $100— Mets’ last four games before the All-Star break are against Pittsburgh; their first three games after All-Star break are also against the Pirates, so the teams will play seven consecutive games against each other, which is odd.

6) Twins 7, Mariners 2— Coming into this game, Minnesota’s Williams Astudillo had batted 116 games this season, without drawing a walk. His first two at-bats in this game, he walked both times.

5) Astros 8, Rangers 4— Jose Altuve is first player EVER to hit a walk-off grand slam, then lead off the first inning of the next game with another home run.

4) Pretty good 4-team basketball tournament down in Florida in November: Yale, Bowling Green, Southern Utah and Western Michigan.

3) Phoenix Suns’ guard Chris Paul is in COVID protocol, is out indefinitely.

2) Sounds the Jets are committing to starting rookie QB Zach Wilson in Week 1, when they play Carolina and the Panthers’ new QB, Sam Darnold. Should be good theater.

1) I’m not 100% sure this is true, but if it isn’t, it should be:

— Chess is the most popular game in Czecholslovakia
— There is a dating service in Prague that caters primarily to chess players.
— The dating service is called Czech Mate. 

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