Thursday’s Den: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) We had a big hailstorm in the Northeast the other day; there was a scary picture of the nose of an airplane that was damaged by the storm.

The plane was diverted from landing at LaGuardia to JFK, where it landed safely, but there had to be a couple nervous pilots before that plane got on the ground.

12) There will be major league exhibition games the weekend before the season starts, The two New York City teams will play July 18-19; the Phillies visit the Bronx July 20.

11) MLB Network ran a great one-hour special on Bob Uecker the other night; one of the game’s great ambassadors, Uecker was a backup catcher in the majors for six years, hitting .200 for his career, but he’s become famous since, as a broadcaster, actor and commercial spokesman.

Uecker’s good-natured attitude about his less-than-stellar playing career has made him an icon in Milwaukee, where he’s worked for the Brewers for the last 50 years. He is 86 now, but still sharp as a tack.

He hit 14 major league homers, but three of them were against Hall of Famers: Sandy Koufax, Gaylord Perry and Ferguson Jenkins.

10) Over/unders on season hit totals for this year:
— Nolan Arenado 64.5
— Mike Trout 56.6
— Pete Alonso 53.5
— Aaron Judge 46.5

9) 13.3% of workers in this country work for state/local governments.

8) Two main differences that I can see between the major leagues and the KBO:
— Bullpens in the KBO are pretty sketchy.
— Defense in the KBO isn’t nearly as good.

7) Ivy League cancelled fall sports for this year; when you look at our situation logically, not sure how football can be played, before a vaccine for COVID-19 is in place.

Texas State Fair has been cancelled; that is where the Texas-Oklahoma game is played every fall. Cancelling football for a year would likely save a lot of lives, even if it costs people some money. Saving lives is more important than making money, right? Right???

6) One of the Baltimore Orioles’ draft picks this year was Anthony Servidio, whose grandfather is former big leaguer Curt Blefary, who played eight years in the bigs, mostly for Baltimore.

5) I’m reading The Racketeer this week, a John Grisham book about a lawyer who gets himself out of jail by solving another crime for prosecutors, but then finds his life in danger, even after he was put in witness protection. I’m halfway thru it; very good story.

4) If you’re looking for a program to binge, I recommend Roadies on Showtime, a show about the people who help a band put on its show as they travel the country.

Show lasted only ten episodes, but they were good episodes, filled with musical guests like Eddie Vedder, John Mellencamp, Lindsey Buckingham, Jackson Browne.

If you like music, you’ll like this show.

3) 2000 Baltimore Ravens had one of the NFL’s best-ever defenses, but in Week 2 of that season, they beat Jacksonville 39-36 in their home opener. Scoring 36 points against that Ravens’ defense was something; Jaguars’ WR Jimmy Smith caught 15 passes for 291 yards and three TD’s, in an amazing performance.

2) University of Washington estimates that by November 1, the COVID-19 death rate will be 208,255, but if 95% of the public wore masks in public, that number would be reduced to 162,808. 

So if we all wear masks, 45,000 fewer people will die in the next four months.

1) If international college students are deported because their school doesn’t have in-person classes this fall, USC could lose as much as 25% of its enrollment, and they’re not the only school in that boat. Harvard, MIT have sued the government about this issue.

TV highlight of the day: Dreadful TV day that was saved by a Law and Order marathon. 

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