Thursday’s Den: Doing some thinking out loud…….

— I’m sitting here like a damn fool at 3:45am watching the replay of a 1985 Bears-Packers game from Lambeau Field. Tim Ryan is the play-by-play guy, I’m assuming Johnny Morris is the analyst- he did most of the Bears’ games back then. 

’85 Bears might’ve had the greatest defense ever; they didn’t allow any points in their first two playoff games, then won the Super Bowl 46-10. Great team.

They played the Rams in the NFC title game that year; I had just turned 26, so supposedly I was an adult, but that day? Not so much.

Bears led 10-0 near the end of the first half, but Rams are driving; I was very excited about the Rams’ chances, this was their third straight year in the playoffs. Was a big fan of Dieter Brock, their QB, an import from the CFL.

I’m still a little superstitious about what clothes I wear when the Rams play, but back then, I took it to extremes; that year, it was a blue Rams polo shirt and white shorts. Every week.

My house has a big kitchen in the back; my dad and I are back there, and two of my college friends are there. Rams hand the ball to Eric Dickerson just before halftime, he runs the ball inside the 5-yard line, but for whatever reason, they call timeout and don’t score.

Not good.  

I know I’m about to flip out, because the game was effectively over, so I just storm out the back door and go sit on the hood of my car for the entire halftime. As I’m leaving the house, I hear my dad yelling/laughing “Don’t be an idiot!!!”

It was January, it was Albany, and it was bleeping cold out. I’m sitting on the hood of my car in a golf shirt and shorts- no bueno, but it took me several minutes to realize how cold it was, that’s how mad I was. I’m waving at cars driving by; finally I go back inside and watch the inevitable loss. My friends got a good laugh out of it. I wasn’t laughing.

When I say it was cold out, I’m talking ten below zero cold. Not my finest moment. 

In this Bears-Packers game, Forrest Gregg was Green Bay’s coach, Jim Zorn their QB- it was the first of only five starts for Zorn with the Packers.

Bob McElwee was the ref in this game; 14 years later, he was the ref in the Super Bowl when the Rams beat Tennessee, the greatest game ever played. No sitting on my car that night.

To further show my maturity level back then, when the Bears played New England in the Super Bowl two weeks later, I went to a house party with friends, but I refused to watch the game. Played ping pong the whole game; I like ping pong. Not sure I like it that much, but it was a fun night.

— 29-year old Patrick Wisdom is hitting .364 in his first 16 games for the Cubs this season, with eight home runs. He is smoking hot right now; with David Bote/Matt Duffy on the IL, will be interesting to see how much Wisdom has to hit to keep his starting job.

— NBA Summer League is going to be August 8-17 in Las Vegas; that’s a really fun event to watch, 5-6 games every day, in air conditioning with an excellent concession stand. If you’re a big NBA fan, this should be on your to-do list of things to see.

— Enough already with Aaron Rodgers; the constant drama around him is numbing. 

a) If he gets traded, report it
b) If he reports to training camp, report it
c) If he retires, report it

Otherwise, STFU!!!!

Astros 8, Red Sox 3— First time this year Boston starting pitchers allowed 5+ runs in consecutive games.

A’s 4, Diamondbacks 0— Arizona has lost its last 19 road games.

Mets 14, Orioles 1— Baltimore is 5-2 this month; they were 5-23 in May.

— Texas Rangers DFA’d DH Chris Davis, who was hitting .157 with two homers, while getting paid $16.75M this season.

— Indiana Pacers fired coach Nate Bjorkgren, who went 34-38 in his only season on the Pacers’ bench. Indiana had made the playoffs nine of the previous ten years.

— Back in the mid-80’s, some people ran a business near Harvard University where they delivered condoms to college students.

Their motto: “We come before you do.”

Author: Armadillo Sports

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