Thursday’s Den: Doing some thinking out loud……..

13) NFL preseason starts tonight; Raiders-Jaguars in Canton, OH at the Hall of Fame.

If you care about such things, under is 7-2 in last nine Hall of Fame games.

Also, Raiders coach Josh McDaniels grew up in Canton; he played his high school games on this field. 

12) Miami Dolphins got stripped of a 1st-round and 3rd-round draft pick, because they were tampering with Tom Brady, as far back as 2019. Pretty severe penalty.

NFL determined that the Dolphins tampered by making contact with Brady on two separate occasions while he was under contract with another team, once each (Patriots/Bucs). Miami also tampered with Sean Payton, before he resigned in New Orleans. 

11) NFL appealed Deshaun Watson’s 6-game suspension; apparently they want the suspension to be for a full season.

For what it is worth, Browns are favored in four of their first six games, even with Watson out. 

10) Tuesday afternoon, while the clock was ticking towards baseball’s trade deadline, ESPN was talking about the Dolphins’ situation, ESPN2 was talking about the NBA. ESPN doesn’t care much for baseball these days, that is for sure.

9) Kentucky-Gonzaga are going to play home/home series the next two years, which is good for  college basketball; only question is if the game at Gonzaga will be in the on-campus gym, or in the arena in Spokane. 

8) I’m either a moron or a jinx, not sure which:

In our fantasy baseball league, we have 29-man rosters; you play 13 guys each week, nine hitters, four pitchers. No relief pitchers in our leagues; saves isn’t a category.

Here are Brady Singer’s stats, broken down by when he’s been in/out of my lineup;
Singer in my lineup: 5 starts- 0-4, 6.00 ERA, 1.43 WHIP
Singer out of my lineup: 9 starts- 4-0, 2.82 ERA, 1.10 WHIP

Singer pitches better against better teams; it makes no sense. He threw seven shutout innings in the Bronx, and lost twice to the A’s. Go figure. 

7) San Diego Padres’ new lineup:
2— Soto
3— Machado
4— Josh Bell
6— Drury

Drury hit a grand slam in the first inning Wednesday. It is unclear where Fernando Tatis will bay when he comes off the IL, but San Diego has formidable lineup.

6) Last week, San Diego was 25-1 to win the World Series; now they’re 10-1.

5) All-Star Game was 16 days ago; since then, five All-Stars were traded.

4) Reliever Jesse Chavez has been traded 10 times in his 15-year career, an all-time record. His family must be very good at packing.

3) In case you were wondering, Detroit’s Mickey Lolich/Bill Freehan were the pitcher/catcher in 324 games, the most any one battery worked together in the big leagues. Lolich won 217 games in his career, threw 195 complete games. 

2) They showed a replay of Hank Aaron’s 715th home run on TV; it came against the Dodgers, and Vin Scully was announcing, as he was for so many big baseball moments.

Dodgers’ left fielder that night was Bill Buckner, 12 years before he became famous during Game 6 of the World Series. Buckner wound up with 2,715 hits in his 22-year career, a .289 hitter. He was a really good player who should well known for that reason. 

1) Washington Nationals have a 1B Joey Meneses who made his big league debut this week, at age 30. Before making it to The Show, Meneses played in 894 minor league games, batting over 3,500 times. He homered in his first MLB game; can you imagine how freakin’ awesome that must have been for him?

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