Thursday’s Den: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) Turner Sports’ Ernie Johnson spoke to Alabama’s football team recently; it is a 5-minute talk and it is inspirational, a great, low-key talk about how everyone has value. Everyone. 

Do yourself a favor and find it on Twitter; Alabama Football is one Twitter page that I know has it, but lot of people liked it and re-tweeted it. It is smart and uplifting and just nice. We need more nice in our world. 

12) If you were a Vikings’ fan, would the Kirk Cousins situation bother you? Guy makes $27.5M a year to be your team leader, but he endangers his own health and others around him by not getting the vaccine. Have to be players/coaches who are squeamish being around him.

Vikings fired their offensive line coach this summer because he wouldn’t get the vaccine; to no one’s surprise, players, especially QB’s, carry lot more weight than assistant coaches.

11) Indianapolis Colts extended the contracts of GM Chris Ballard, head coach Frank Reich thru 2026; now they need their quarterback to get healthy.

10) Watching the first episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks the other night, I still laugh when I realize that the narrator of Hard Knocks in Liev Schrieber, the guy who played Ray Donovan on a great Showtime series.

Mr Schrieber doesn’t talk with a Boston accent like Ray Donovan; I had no idea it was him until someone told me, then I saw his name in the credits.

9) Dallas Cowboys are featured on Hard Knocks this summer; they’re -145 to make the playoffs, +115 to miss out on the playoffs. Dak Prescott is getting another MRI on his shoulder, which has to worry any Cowboy fans out there.

They showed the scars on his leg from last year’s injury; turns out he had two surgeries to fix the leg, something they didn’t talk about last year.

8) Brewers 10, Cubs 0— Corbin Burnes tied a major league record (Tom Seaver/Aaron Nola) by striking out ten consecutive Cubs. Chicago is 10-31 in its last 41 games; no bueno.

What exactly are the Cubs doing? They’re not the Pirates or the A’s, small market teams who have less revenue than most teams, they’re in a huge market with their own TV channel that it costs people to subscribe to. Who wants to pay to watch this collection of scrubs? 

What is their plan going forward? Hard to believe they’ll be any good next year; they have one really good outfield prospect in the minors, but their immediate future is bleak, unless they go out and spend lot of money in free agency.

7) Tigers 5, Orioles 2— Baltimore had given up 9+ runs six games in a row, the longest such streak since since Seattle in 2008.

6) I watch a lot of baseball; seems to me that veteran catchers get an occasional close call or two from the home plate ump when they’re batting. Don’t have concrete numbers to back this up, just lot of observations. Travis d’Arnaud just got two in one at-bat while I was typing this.

Catchers can’t bitch about not getting a close call when they’re behind the plate, if they just got a close call while they were hitting. Human nature.

5) Baseball injuries:
— Dodgers put OF Mookie Betts (hip) on the IL
— White Sox put P Carlos Rodon (shoulder) on IL
— Padres put P Drew Pomeranz (forearm) on IL
— Tigers put OF Akil Baddoo (concussion) on 7-day IL
— Toronto put P Ross Stripling (oblique) on IL.

4) Random trivia: When Babe Ruth hit his 500th home run, the player with the 2nd-most home runs was Rogers Hornsby, who had 263.

3) Golfer Webb Simpson is favored to win the PGA Tour event this week; his caddy is Paul Tesori, a former touring pro- he told someone on the Interweb that Simpson is carrying four different wedges in his bag this week. First time he’s ever done that.

2) The late Bobby Bowden went 20-9-1 as a head coach in bowl games; from 1982-95, he went 13-0-1 in bowls. It was automatic, no research needed; in those days, you took your hard earned money and bet on the Seminoles in bowl games.

1) Memo to the company that owns Subway sub shops; if you send lot of coupons out in the mail, but then the stores post signs that say “We don’t accept coupons” then what the bleep is the point of sending out coupons? Are you trying to aggravate people?

You want my business, don’t irritate me; Jersey Mike’s has better subs anyway. I tried Subway this week because I happened to be parked near one, but they wouldn’t accept the goofy coupon that would’ve saved me a dollar. They have commercials with big shots like Tom Brady and Serena Williams; accept the freakin’ coupons. 

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