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13) If you like comedy, especially if you’re a little older, HBO/HBO Max has a 90-minute show that is like a history lesson into comedy in the 80’s/90’s.

The Super Bob Einstein movie goes thru the career of the actor/comedian who played Super Dave Osborne on his own show; he also had roles in Modern Romance, Oceans Thirteen and Curb Your Enthusiasm, among others.

When Steve Martin, David Letterman, Jerry Seinfeld and Rob Reiner are touting you as a comic, that’s a huge compliment. This was an excellent show. 

12) Alabama-Georgia play for the college football national title Monday; since 2007, there have been 54 in-season rematches in college football. Team that won the first game was 29-25 SU in the second meeting. Alabama beat Georgia 41-24 in the SEC title game December 4th. 

11) Liam Shanahan plays football for LSU; he played three years at Harvard before transferring to LSU; he majored in Economics at Harvard, with a minor in Celtic language (that has nothing to do with Larry Bird or Bill Russell). Anyway, he is really smart.

Liam had a very interesting summer job; he was on the grounds crew at Fenway Park, and has a World Series ring from last time the Red Sox won the World Series. Not lot of college football players have a World Series ring. 

10) Murray State and Belmont are bolting from the Ohio Valley Conference to the Missouri Valley, starting next season. Murray won 20+ games nine of the last 12 years; Belmont has won 20+ games 11 years in a row. 

9) NFL notes:
— Bengals won’t play QB Joe Burrow (knee) or RB Joe Mixon (COVID) this week.
— Rookie QB Justin Fields is starting for the Bears this week; Chicago is 2-8 in his starts. 

8) Vikings’ QB Kirk Cousins has a $45,166,668 salary cap hit next year; Cousins is 58-59-2 as an NFL starter, 1-2 in playoff games. 59-61-2 isn’t exactly $45M worth of production. 

Cousins’ 2022 salary is $35M guaranteed; there is no sense is cutting him, his cap hit would stay the same. For $35M, the least the guy could do is get vaccinated, so he wouldn’t miss any games. 

7) Mountain West Conference went 5-1 in bowl games this season, the best record of any league. Boise State/Hawai’i didn’t get to play their bowls. Nevada was only MW team that lost its bowl. 

6) SEC is 5-7 in bowl games, not a good record for a league that promotes itself as the best football league in the country, but the national title game is Alabama-Georgia, so there’s that. 

5) Sometime in the near future, Big 12 is going to lose Oklahoma/Texas to the SEC, but this season, the Big X was 3-0 in bowl games against the SEC. 

4) Then there is the Pac-12, which went 0-5 in bowls this season; the league has now lost its last eleven bowl games.

Memo to the people who run the Pac-12; could you put the Pac-12 Network on DirecTV? Would that be too much to ask?

3) Miami 88, Florida 87:
— Syracuse led 44-26 late in first half.
— Miami won its 8th straight game.
— Syracuse lost despite making 17-32 on the arc.
— Syracuse is 7-7, 2-5 vs top 100 teams. 

2) Notre Dame 78, North Carolina 73:
— Tar Heels are 1-4 against top 100 teams.
— 6-10 kid on Notre Dame made 6-7 behind the arc.
— This score hurts ACC’s chances of getting 2nd team in top 25. 

1) Missouri State 71, Bradley 69:
— Mosley hit a contested 3-pointer at 0:00 for the win.
— Missouri State blew an 18-point second half lead.
— Bradley lost despite making 11-25 on the arc. 

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