Sunday’s Den: How MLB teams are doing in series…….

Major league teams’ records in series:
(Away-Home= Total)
Does not include this weekend’s series.

Arizona A2-6-1, H2-4-3= 4-10-4

Atlanta A4-3-2, H4-4-1= 8-7-3

Cubs A3-5, H7-3= 10-8

Cincinnati A3-4-2, H4-3-2= 7-7-4

Colorado A0-8, H6-3-1= 6-11-1

Dodgers A4-3-2, H6-3= 10-6-2

Miami A3-5-2, H3-3-2= 6-8-4

Milwaukee A7-2, H2-5-2= 9-7-2

Mets A4-4-1, H6-1-1= 10-5-2

Philadelphia A2-6-2, H4-4= 6-10-2

Pittsburgh A3-7, H2-3-3= 5-10-3

St Louis A4-6, H3-3-2= 7-9-2

San Diego A4-2-3, H6-3= 10-5-3

San Francisco A5-4-1, H6-1-1= 11-5-2

Washington A2-4-2, H3-5-1= 7-9-3

Baltimore A4-5-1, H1-6-1= 5-11-2

Boston A6-2, H4-2-3= 10-4-3

White Sox A4-3-2, H5-1-3= 9-4-5

Cleveland A4-3-1, H4-4-2= 8-7-3

Detroit A2-6-1, H3-5-1= 5-11-2

Houston A3-3-2, H6-3-1= 9-6-3

Kansas City A2-3-4, H6-3= 8-6-4

Angels A2-5-2, H4-4-2= 6-9-4

Minnesota A3-5-2, H2-7= 5-12-2

New York A4-3-1, H5-3-2= 9-6-3

A’s A7-0-1, H3-5-2= 10-6-3

Seattle A3-4-1, H5-4-1= 8-8-2

Tampa Bay A6-2-1, H4-4-1= 10-6-2

Texas A3-7, H4-4= 7-11

Toronto A5-3-2, H4-3-1= 9-6-3

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