Sunday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports Saturday……

13) Oklahoma 39, Texas 27— Guy who makes the subs in my neighborhood deli had the Sooners -9.5, so it was a good day for him. 

Serious question: Has a college quarterback who is as good as Kyler Murray ever given up football to do something else? Hard to imagine this kid walking away from the gridiron. 

12) Alabama 35, Georgia 28— Going to be a very long 16-17 hours for the Georgia coaches, between the end of this game and seeing what four teams make the Final Four playoffs. If the Dawgs miss out on the playoff, then it’ll be a long winter for those coaches. 

The hideous fake punt with 3:11 left wasn’t good; hope whoever called it has job security. 

Jalen Hurts came off the bench and saved the day for the Crimson Tide; this is a kid with a 26-2 record as a starter who got benched LY but didn’t transfer, and didn’t whine- he just stayed the course and was ready when his name was called again. Good for him. 

11) UAB 27, Middle Tennessee State 25— How has UAB coach Bill Clark not been scooped up by a big-money program? His Blazers went 8-5 LY, are 10-3 this year- they didn’t even field a team in 2015-16, when school tried to shut the program down for financial reasons. 

What Clark has done at UAB is remarkable and certainly under-reported by national media. 

10) One of several hundred reasons why I’m not married anymore: If you buy the Mrs a Jaguar SUV, she’ll smile and be happy. Who knew? Never tried that one. 

For the record, a quick check shows that a Jaguar SUV goes for around $47,000. 

Merry bleepin’ Christmas. Oy. 

9) In six of their last eight games, on their opponents’ first drive of the second half. Cleveland Browns have forced six turnovers. Solid halftime adjustments being made by Gregg Williams. 

8) NFL used to have two facemark penalties, a 5-yard and a 15-yard penalty, depending on the severity of the foul; wish they’d go back to that. Just touching a ball carrier’s facemark shouldn’t be a 15-yard penalty.

7) Recent hot streaks by the Bears/Cowboys are hurting the Raiders, who own those teams’ first round draft picks next April. Oakland helped make those two teams contenders this season by giving them skilled players. Time will tell how the Raiders will utilize the draft to improve their team before they move to Las Vegas in 2020.

6) Upsets of the Day:
— Siena (+8.5) 67-64 over Harvard
— Yale (+7.5) 77-73 over Miami
— Green Bay (+6.5) 100-92 over Belmont
— New Mexico (+6.5) 85-75 over Bradley
— Idaho (+5.5) 67-54 over North Dakota
— Weber State (+4) 113-103 over BYU
— George Mason (+4) 87-84 over Wm&Mary
— Ohio U (+4) 101-84 over Marshall

5) I like to see as many college basketball teams as I can before Christmas, so when conference play starts you get a sense of what teams are/have, but sometimes, you just have to turn the channel. I was watching the Baylor-Wichita State game as I type this and Wichita is winning 20-4. Got to turn the channel, because right now, I don’t think Baylor could beat the Washington Generals. 

Now my brain knows that they’re young/talented and will improve, but my heart will have a hard time forgetting how awful they’re playing tonight, so time to watch another game. 

4) There was a college baseball game in 1947 where Vin Scully played CF for Fordham, and George Bush played 1B for Yale. 

3) Saints 13, Cowboys 10— If you think handicapping is easy, try this score on for size; New Orleans had been averaging 37 points a game, but Dallas’ defense played its hearts out and Cowboys won their fourth game in a row.

2) Some other things about that game:
— New Orleans didn’t score in first half for first time in 73 games (4.5 years)
— Saints gained only 59 yards in first half, their worst showing since 2002.
— In the third quarter alone, Cowboys had six penalties on defense/special teams.

1) Before Thursday’s game, Drew Brees was 53-0 in NFL games when his team allowed 14 or fewer points; the 13-10 loss in Dallas was his first such loss.

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