Sunday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a sports Saturday…..

13) Ohio State 17, Michigan State 16— Spartans scored with under 5:00 to go to make it 17-16, then went for 2 points and the lead, letting the Buckeyes off the hook. Spartans are 3-8; I’m just not a fan of going for two when you’re the underdog— all the pressure is on the other guys.

12) Wyoming 34, San Diego State 33— Aztecs had to beg for a replay review on a Hail Mary on the last play of the game, and they won it, making score 34-33 with time expired. Great catch by the San Diego State kid, by the way.

Surprisingly they go for 2 points and the win but it doesn’t work. Wyoming wins. Aztecs were the favorite; no clue why they went for two points; the replay review was pretty long, but they did and they lost. It has been a great year for Wyoming, though.

11) Oregon 30, Utah 28— Ducks scored with 0:02 left on a 17-yard pass play; they’re 4-7 and trailed this game 14-3. Bad loss for 8-3 Utah (are there good losses?)

10) Tennessee 63, Missouri 37— Mizzou ran 110 plays for 743 yards, had 42 first downs (42!!!) and lost by 26.

9) Georgia Tech 31, Virginia 17— Tech had only 8 first downs, ran only 41 plays, but three of them were TD’s of 67-54-60 yards, then they added a defensive TD with 4:03 that covered the spread, so if you wagered on Virginia today, this is a bad beat.

8) Virginia Tech 34, Notre Dame 31— Irish led 24-7 but now they are 4-7 and not going to a bowl. I grew up as a USC fan in a houseful of Notre Dame fans; if this game had been played when I was a little kid, undoubtedly I would’ve been grounded within 10 minutes of the game ending.

7) Oklahoma State 31, TCU 6— Horned Frogs have only eight seniors on scholarship. The scholarship limit is 85, but because so many kids red-shirt, thats divided by five classes, so 17 kids a year would be average. In other words, TCU should be a whole lot better next year than this year (they’re 5-5).

6) Kansas 24, Texas 21— Time for Charlie Strong to…..take a hike. Losing to the Jayhawks is no bueno; Kansas hardly had enough students in the stands to rush the field. Texas is 4-7 and will be hiring a new coach (Tom Herman?) fairly soon.

Iowa State 66, Texas Tech 10— If you coach a team that trails Iowa State 45-3 at halftime, your job is in jeopardy, especially if your team is 4-7. Lot of schools in Texas are going to be looking for new coaches in a few weeks.

5) Alabama 31, Chattanooga 3– At the risk of sounding like Nancy Kerrigan, why are the Crimson Tide playing a I-AA team?

Why? Why? Why? Play a Sun Belt team, play a MAC team, play freakin’ Rutgers, there are plenty of stiffs out there.

4) Florida 16, LSU 10— Gators stopped LSU at the 1-yard line on the last play to preserve the win. Tigers’ RB Leonard Fournette was supposedly hurt, but after he got into a verbal dispute with a Florida coach before the game, he asked to suit up and he did, running ball 12 times for 40 yards.

Fournette is a great talent but he misses a lot of games. If I was an NFL team, I’d be hesitant to spend a high draft pick on him.

3) I have lived in upstate NY my whole life; I despise snow, even on TV. Watching it snow in Michigan, West Virginia  today made me put a sweatshirt on in my house. Terrible stuff, snow. Very cold.

I’m wondering if there were kids playing for Oklahoma (or freshmen on West Virginia who might be from Florida) who have never seen snow before, or at least never played in it.

2) Old Dominion 42, Florida Atlantic 24- Monarchs are 8-3 and heading to their first bowl game; they were 7-17 in their first two years in I-A football. Good for them; it ain’t easy to build up a football program— takes lot of bodies, a lot of work.

1— I’m writing this tonight with a heavy heart; my friend Joe passed away this week, way too young at age 53. I found out today; I knew he was ill, but didn’t know how serious it was.

A good guy, a regular guy despite being a boss at work, Joe and I met a year before my retirement and bonded over our mutual love of sports. I’d duck into his office and we’d talk/laugh a little bit each day.

A good ballplayer and a basketball ref, Joe was respected by all; a big man with a big heart. He will be missed. RIP, my friend.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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