Sunday’s List of 13: Wrapping up a cloudy Saturday

13) Philadelphia Phillies gave rookie 2B Scott Kingery a 6-year, $23M contract with options beyond that, before he ever played a major league game. 

OF Nick Williams played 83 games as a rookie for the Phillies LY; he hit .283 with 55 RBI, pretty solid production. Not only is he still making the $553,000 league minimum, they don’t start him anymore, now that Rhys Hoskins has moved to the outfield.  He started in Tampa Bay this weekend because its an AL park so they have the DH. 

Williams must be really freakin’ happy.

12) QB Josh Allen will be the first Wyoming Cowboy taken in the first round of the NFL Draft since 1976, when they had two players taken in first round. 

11) Weird stat: Rangers’ DH/OF Joey Gallo has 53 career home runs, 50 career singles. 

10) Foot of snow in Minnesota this weekend; why didn’t these geniuses put a retractable dome on their new baseball stadium? Twins might not play for close to a week; I have Jose Abreu on my fantasy team— he’s getting the second half of this week off. No bueno. 

Seriously; Sunday’s doubleheader was postponed at 4:00 Saturday. Awesome. 

9) UCLA fired assistant basketball coach/Air Force veteran David Grace, a decorated military veteran who served in the Air Force during Operation Desert Storm. 

He’s been given credit for bringing in some of UCLA’s top recruits over the last several years, including T.J. Leaf, Ike Anigbogu and Jaylen Hands.

8) Weirdness; A’s are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their first season in Oakland this year, while the Royals are celebrating their 50th season in Kansas City this year. 

A’s started playing in Oakland in ’68, after leaving Kansas City. Royals started play when divisional play started, in ’69. 

7) Miami Marlins drew 6,150 fans for a home game with the Mets Wednesday; their AA team in Jacksonville drew 6,960 fans that same night for their Southern League home opener vs Mobile. 

6) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will be on Dancing With the Stars this fall; he could’ve made a freakin’ fortune in endorsements during/after his career, but he is very quiet and never showed much personality so once he stopped playing ball, he kind of disappeared. 

Kareem will by 71 on Monday; good to see him enjoying himself now. I’ve said this before here and I firmly believe it— he was the most dominant basketball player ever. 

5) Masters champ Patrick Reed sat behind the plate as the Astros game Saturday wearing his green jacket; he was also at a Rockets’ game and went to the drive-thru window at Chick-fil-A wearing the jacket. At what point does he hang the jacket in his closet and go back to playing golf? 

4) Cubs 14, Braves 10— Atlanta led this game 10-2 in 6th inning on a hideous, cold, rainy day in Wrigley Field. Braves’ bullpen got 8 outs, allowed 11 runs. 

This game shouldn’t have been played; the weather was awful. 

3) Golfer Kelly Kraft missed the cut by a stroke at Hilton Head this week, in large part because his tee shot on the par-3 14th hole hit a bird and fell into the water— he double-bogeyed the hole. Because the bird is not a man-made object, Kraft had to play the ball where it lied, or take a penalty; had he hit an airplane, apparently he would get relief. Go figure. 

2) Former Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops and legendary Arizona hoop coach Lute Olson recently had statues of themselves put up on the schools’ campuses. 

1— In 1997, Barry Levinson wrote a movie called Wag the Dog, where just before a Presidential election, a spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer got together to fabricate a war in order to cover up the President’s sex scandal. Sound familiar?

HBO and Levinson are in the process now of creating a Wag the Dog comedy series, but the idea just isn’t funny anymore. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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