Sunday’s List of 13: Random thoughts with the draft over

13) Day 3 of the NFL Draft is where ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr’s expertise shines; I say this every year, but if every American did his job as well as Kiper does, we’d be a lot better off.

12) Redskins traded disgruntled OT Trent Williams to the 49ers for 3rd, 5th round picks. Longtime OT Joe Staley is expected to retire; Williams will step into his spot on the OL.

11) Texans/Lions had a deal in place for pick #90, but Detroit pulled out of the deal at the last minute; ESPN’s camera showed a frustrated Bill O’Brien yelling at someone across the room in his home- apparently that was why. Houston was trying to trade out of pick #90 and add more draft choices.

10) Texans/O’Brien gave OT Laremy Tunsil a 3-year, $66M contract this week, which means he makes $4M a year more than any offensive lineman ever.

9) Last year was the first time since 1971 that the Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t score 28+ points in any game.

8) Jets drafted FIU QB James Morgan to back up Sam Darnold; Morgan is actually older than Darnold. He is also the 10th QB the Jets drafted the last 15 years, most in the league.

7) Since 1967, Rams have drafted 22 players from UCLA, the most any team has drafted a player from any one college. Bengals/Ohio State (20) are next on the list.

6) 20 of the first 48 players drafted this year played college ball in the SEC.

5) Interesting thing about Eli Manning’s career; he went 8-4 in playoff games, but only one of those eight wins was at home. Five road wins, two Super Bowls.

4) 56% of Vikings players last year were guys that Minnesota drafted; thats the highest %age of any team in the NFL.

3) Philadelphia Eagles finished the draft with 14 WR’s on their roster, which seems excessive.

2) Tip of the cap to the NFL for pulling the draft off in unusual circumstances; it seemed to go really well. Unique setting at a time when lot of us were starved for entertainment.

Next on the agenda is a bigger problem; what to do about the 2020 schedule.

1) Happy 80th birthday to the great actor Al Pacino, who played Tony d’Amato, coach of the Miami Sharks in Any Given Sunday. One of the best actors ever. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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