Sunday’s List of 13: Random thoughts on a summer night

13) Saturday was the great Vida Blue’s 69th birthday; damn, typing that made me feel old. 

Blue was Dwight Gooden before Dwight Gooden; he was a lefty wunderkind who led the Oakland A’s to the 1971 AL West title, then struggled thru a lengthy contract squabble in ’72, but he saved the deciding game of the ’72 ALCS as the A’s won the first of three consecutive World Series. 

I was 11 years old when he became the answer to a great trivia question, last switch-hitter to win MVP of the American League (AL pitchers still hit in ’71).

Vida Blue wound up with a career record of 209-161- he was underrated. Happy birthday!!! 

12) How does Allen Trammell get into the Hall of Fame but not Lou Whitaker?

11) According to Baseball Prospectus, when teams have the bases loaded with no one out, they score at least one run 85% of the time.

10) Angels 11, Mariners 4— Francisco Arcia, a 28-year old rookie catcher, has 10 RBI in his first two major league games- thats an all-time record. 

9) Nick Saban makes $7.5M a year coaching Alabama’s football team; Alabama governor Kay Ivey makes $119,500 a year running the state. 

8) Kansas City 10, New York 2— This game was bet down late to NY -$450; depending on who you ask, this game or Astros (Verlander) against Detroit on July 15th was the highest betting line so far this season. 

Please, if you don’t learn anything else from reading this space, never, ever lay more than -$200 on a regular season baseball game. 

7) Coming into this weekend, the 7th inning ERA for the Colorado Rockies’ bullpen this season was 7.93, which explains why they traded for reliever Seunghwan Oh. 

6) From the AP: Baker Mayfield is paying for the Browns’ QB’s to hang out in an RV at training camp.

As part of his initiation into the NFL, the #1 overall draft pick is funding a camper that the Browns QBs go to between practice sessions to relax. The recreational vehicle is parked just outside the training facility.

Backup QB Drew Stanton brought the idea of the camper from his time with the Detroit Lions, and says Mayfield initially thought he was kidding. Stanton says “it’s just someplace that you can go. You can get out of these four walls that start to close in on you after a period of time.”

5) In the first seven games after Manny Machado was traded, Orioles’ 2B Jonathon Schoop was 11-for-27 (.407) with six HR’s, 11 RBI.

4) Mason Williams is a rookie OF with the Reds; his grandfather is Walt (No Neck) Williams, who played for the White Sox a long time ago and actually had no neck. Good ballplayer; he hit .270 in ten major league seasons.

3) Last three years, when the home team is favored in Arizona Cardinal games, the Redbirds are 10-18  vs spread; 7-11 as a home favorite, 3-7 as a road underdog. 

2) Over the last decade, Atlanta Falcons are 12-4 vs spread as a home underdog. 

1) Last four years, Buffalo Bills are a combined 33-31; that surprised me a little, but they were +28 in turnovers in those games— you go +28 in turnovers, you should be over .500. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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