Sunday’s List of 13: Random stuff on a warm, quiet weekend

13) When the NBA teams approved the new plan for resuming this season on July 31, Portland was only team to vote against it.

12) As if the Knicks weren’t already one of the worst-run franchises in all of pro sports, now comes word that owner James Dolan has contributed $450,000 to Trump’s campaigns in 2016 and this year. This is just my opinion, but owning an NBA franchise and being a Trump supporter are two things that don’t seem to blend well in the current climate.

11) Oklahoma State’s basketball team is on probation for this season, a season when they brought in a top-10 recruiting class. They even hired Cade Cunningham’s brother as an assistant coach, to make sure they got the nation’s #1 recruit. Now what?

10) Continuity in coaching helps programs win; this fall, Arizona State will have its fifth offensive coordinator in five years.

9) Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher started his college career as a baseball player at Clemson, but left after one year, transferring to Samford to resume his football career.

8) Was watching a Colorado-Michigan football game from 1994 this week, the game where Kordell Stewart hit a Hail Mary at the gun to get a miraculous win. Buffs trailed by 12 with 4:30 left and Michigan had the ball, but they somehow lost. Amazing game.

Anyway, it dawned on me that players’ shoulder pads were way bigger back then than they are now.

7) In their 60-year history, Minnesota Vikings are 0-11 when visiting the Colts; they were 0-8 against the Colts in Baltimore, are 0-3 in Indianapolis. Vikings visit Indy in Week 2 this year.

6) January 2000, I’m in St Louis for the NFC title game, Rams-Bucs. Big day for me as a Rams fan, was very excited.

At some point before the game, I go to the concession stand to get some gear, but since the Rams were changing the uniforms the next season, they were almost out of the old stuff. Despite this, the guy standing next to me drops $200+ on stuff- he’s buying everything.

He puts his hand down on the counter, and he has a World Series ring on, 1986. I look at him; we’re the same height- it is former Mets’ shortstop Kevin Elster.

“Hey, you’re Kevin Elster” I hear myself say, master of the obvious. He was nice enough, didn’t say much, took his stuff and moved on. That ring was pretty big.

5) San Francisco Giants went 77-85 last year, but were an impressive 38-16 in one-run games, which suggests a regression should take place this year. Of course, if there is a this year, it won’t
be normal season, but the Giants are basically in a total rebuild right now.

4) These pitchers have thrown five one-hitters without throwing a no-hitter:
Steve Carlton, Don Sutton and a guy named Pete Alexander, who threw a one-hitter in 1911 and four more in 1915.

3) On August 24, 1983, Tippy Martinez was pitching for the Orioles; he got through one inning without retiring a batter- he picked three different guys off base in the same inning.

Lenn Sakata was catching that inning for Baltimore; normally a second baseman, that was the only major league game Sakata ever caught in his 11-year career.

2) Pittsburgh P Chris Archer had surgery to relieve thoracic outlet syndrome, is out for 2020; Pirates are hopeful that he’ll be back next season.

1) Josh Harrison is the first player in major league history to break up a no-hitter with a walk-off home run in extra innings; he did that against Rich Hill of the Dodgers in August, 2017. Hill had a perfect game thru eight innings, didn’t even get a win. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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