Sunday’s List of 13: Random stuff on a very quiet weekend

13) One of the advantages of my advanced age is these days, when old broadcasts of ballgames are on TV, I enjoy watching most of them. Brings back some good/bad memories.

One thing about those older broadcasts; graphics weren’t on the screen all the time. Now I’m spoiled by having time/score/pitch count on the screen at all times.

12) Thursday night, NBC Sports Network showed three old bowl games; watched all three, and it was fun, though not as fun as live baseball.

Dick Enberg had one game; was a pleasure to hear his voice. What a great announcer he was; Tom Hammond and Don Criqui had the other two games- also very good. 

I’d forgotten what a good football analyst Bob Trumpy was; he spoke his mind honestly. You don’t hear as much of that these days.

11) Last of the three games was Miami-Oklahoma for the national championship, when Jimmy Johnson won his first national title. You think Jerry Jones watched that game? They would be the next two head coaches of Jones’ Cowboys, as well as old friends.

Oklahoma ran the Wishbone offense; very little passing, and when they did pass, they didn’t do it well. But they did run the ball really well. This was the last game of the season; it was the first time the Sooners trailed in the fourth quarter all year.

10) When they start baseball back up, in no way, shape or form do I want automated umpires, or the stupid extra innings option to eliminate games going longer.

Doubleheaders with 7-inning games would be fine; having tie games would be OK.

One question; if they go with 10 teams playing in three different states, is this the beginning of the universal designated hitter?

9) 1993 San Francisco Giants won 103 games but didn’t make the playoffs; they finished a game behind the Braves in the NL West (yes, Atlanta was in the freakin’ West).

MLB added the Wild Card in each league in 1995.

8) I’d like it if the NFL added the XFL extra point options, and also their kickoff rules, maybe especially the kickoff rules. It seemed to lessen violent collisions, but there was also action on most every kickoff.

After a touchdown, XFL teams could go for one point from the 2-yard line, two points, from the 5-yard line, three points from the 10. After five weeks, no one seemed to know what the best option was- it was legitimately interesting to see what teams did.

7) Would the NBA resume at Disney World, where they play AAU games in the summer? They could play eight games at a time under one roof. Las Vegas would also like to be considered to be an option for the NBA- they have a lot of arenas starving for action.

6) NASCAR is starting up on May 12 at Darlington; there will be an actual live sport on TV, even if it is a sport I don’t follow and know very little about. Believe me, I’ll probably be watching it; I do like the pit stops. Wish I could get my car worked on that quickly.

5) Bengals released Andy Dalton this week; Cincinnati may not be the best organization in the NFL, but Dalton was 70-61-2 as a starter for the Bengals. Pretty, pretty good.

4) Tua Tagovailoa figures to be the NFL’s only left-handed QB this coming season, and the NFL’s first lefty signal-caller since Kellen Moore, who started two games for Dallas in 2015- he is now the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator.

3) Jameis Winston had LASIX surgery recently, says it has greatly improved his blurry vision. Does that mean he won’t throw 30 INT’s the next time he is an NFL starter?

2) One thing about baseball umpires in the 80’s/90’s; their strike zones could be anything, at any time. Nowadays, because of the micro-managing MLB has done to make things a lot more consistent, strike zones are pretty much the same.

Was watching an A’s game from 1991; the home plate ump was all over the place, and the A’s won the game, so I’m not complaining.

1) Excellent movie/TV trivia from KL Wheat: In the 50’s/60’s, there was a prominent actor named Bob Cummings. He was in over 100 movies/TV shows, and he was also a pilot.

Not only was Cummings a US Army Air Force pilot during World War II, his godfather was Orville Wright. Cummings was stationed for a while at Oxnard, CA; he received flight instructor certificate #1–the first flight instructor to ever receive a license.

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