Sunday’s List of 13: Random stuff from your socially distant friend……

13) We sit home and try to keep everyone healthy; I listen to lot of music, watch even more than usual TV. In these unique times, some interesting stuff has appeared.

Thursday night, MLB Network re-played 1994 Opening Day from Wrigley Field, with the late Harry Caray and current White Sox analyst Steven Stone on the call.

If you’ve never heard Harry Caray call baseball, it is worth a listen; he was unique.

12) I’m scrolling thru Instagram Friday afternoon, and actor Jeff Goldblum is there, wearing a back/white checkerboard shirt, reading Dr Seuss books, for no apparent reason. It was excellent.

11) If you’re on Twitter, you need to follow former NBA player Rex Chapman; he posts the most unique, uplifting stuff on his feed. Some of it is inspirational, some of it just makes me laugh.

10) Major League Baseball needs to take the blackouts off of out-of-market game replays; people are bored, this is a time they could fall in love with baseball. New fans could be created; seeing Mets games every day has been fun, but seeing other teams would be great, too.

9) In his first five days as Iona’s new basketball coach, Rick Pitino signed six recruits; Gaels lose lot of seniors off this year’s team, so that was necessary.

Pitino actually has a tough act to follow, replacing Tim Cluess as coach; only 13 college basketball teams made the last four NCAA tournaments, with Iona/Gonzaga the only mid-majors on the list. Gaels weren’t going to make this year’s tournament, but there was no tournament, so the streak continues.

8) Teddy Bridgewater is the Carolina Panthers’ new QB; he’s been preparing mentally for this season by playing Madden, and being the Panthers, to get used to the offense. Funny how video games are actually a tool to help real players get ready to play real football.

7) Pittsburgh Steelers have already signed five players from the XFL; teams can’t scout college players as much this spring as previous years, so they already scouted the XFL guys, and they signed them instead. Curious to see how that plays out.

6) Lot of TV news programs have correspondents broadcasting from home; weird seeing them all dressed up in suits/ties. You’re home, just wear what you normally wear at home.

5) There are 24 new college football coaches this year; their debuts will be greatly hampered by not having spring practice.

There are 23 new offensive coordinators, 11 new defensive coordinators.

There are seven teams with the same head coach, but new coordinators on both sides of the ball.

4) Odd stat: Baltimore’s Hanser Alberto led the major leagues LY, reaching base 13 times via error. Not really sure what that means.

3) Like I said the other day, I’m reading a book about a stock trader who bets baseball; at one point in the book, he makes a sarcastic comment about “risk-averse” people. When he sees an edge, he tries to capitalize on it, with both feet, for better or worse. A gambler.

It is interesting reading about the connection between stock trading and sports betting.

2) University of Mississippi sent out a letter to donors Tuesday, asking them to consider adding the University to their wills, in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gee, that’s nice- we know you might die soon, why not give us your money?


1) A telethon hosted by the Los Angeles Rams and KABC Tuesday raised more than $2.2M for United Way and the LA Regional Food bank.

Drew Brees and his wife committed $5M to the State of Louisiana in 2020.

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