Sunday’s List of 13: Random stuff for a soggy Sunday……

13) Busy day today; finally had enough with the keyboard on my MacBook Pro, took it back to the Apple Store and it is in the shop for a week or so—we’ll make do with our backup laptop until then.

It is nice to be able to type the letter “t” without wanting to throw something.

12) Should go buy Apple stock; when are their stores not crowded? They make a ton of money and their products aren’t even that durable.

11) One of the guys who owns Always Dreaming, the horse who won the Kentucky Derby, also owns the NHL’s Florida Panthers.

10) Adrian Gonzalez has played in 1,833 major league games over 14 years; this is the first time he has gone on the disabled list.

9) Michael Ynoa threw six scoreless innings of relief for the Orioles Friday, the first pitcher to throw 100+ pitches in relief and not allow a run since Randy Johnson in 2001- the Big Unit struck 17 batters that day.

8) Way of the world now: 67 players will attend the NBA Draft Combine; only 18 of them are college seniors.

7) Matt Albers got a save for Washington Friday in his 461st major league game, the 103rd one he has finished- that was the 2nd most games finished without ever saving a game. Now he has one.

6) Quick Albers story: April 2011, I’m in Las Vegas and Albers is on the Red Sox. He comes into a game in Kansas City in relief of Daniel Bard, who Bobby Valentine was trying to make into a starter—I had added Bard on my fantasy team.

This was one of Bard’s best starts for Boston (he didn’t have many); I’m supposed to be across the street at Battista’s meeting friends for dinner, but I wait to see if Albers can get out of this inning- I needed Bard to become a decent starter.

Nope. Billy Butler hit a ball off Albers that might still be going; by the time it landed over the fountains, I was already halfway across the street, headed to dinner. Totally unsure how Albers is still in the big leagues, but there he is and on a good team.

5) Texas Rangers TV analyst Tom Grieve was saying this weekend that the quality of the wood in bats has to be much worse now than when he played in the 70’s. Couple of bats in the Texas-Seattle game Friday splintered into pieces, making Grieve laugh.

4) 30 Cuban players played in the major leagues last year; so far in five weeks this year, 20 Cubans have already appeared in the big leagues.

3) Miami Marlins’ pitching staff is in shambles; they’re starting a reliever Sunday- their spot starter Saturday, Odrisamer Despaigne, allowed six runs in the first inning and Miami never even had a reliever warming up.

2) I’m curious as to how many people have played the President of the United States in a movie; has to be a pretty high number.

1) A 5-star recruit named Kevin Knox chose Kentucky Saturday over a bunch of schools, including Florida State, his father’s alma mater. You can make the argument that John Calipari is the best recruiter………ever.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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