Sunday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) You don’t think Jerry Jones is a financial genius? Cowboys have this practice facility in Frisco, TX; it is so nice, they’re playing a college bowl game in it this December. Also, all eight high school teams in Frisco play their home games in that building, which cost $1B to build.

12) Jones tried to buy the San Diego Chargers when he was 23 years old; imagine an NFL team owned by a 23-year old?

11) Yu Darvish had a huge debut for the Dodgers: seven IP, no runs, four baserunners.

Darvish was terrible with the Rangers the last few weeks; now after one start in LA, people are getting on the Dodger bandwagon.

For the record, Darvish is 0-2, 5.40 in two postseason starts.

10) Steph Curry shot 74-74 on the tour this week, missing the cut but impressing all pro golfers, some of whom didn’t expect him to break 80. Good for him. He beat three pros.

9) Matt Moore is more than a competent backup QB for the Dolphins, but now that he is the starter, Miami’s backup QB’s are kids who played at San Jose/Western Kentucky who’ve thrown a combined five NFL passes. Jay Cutler will be a Dolphin fairly soon. If Cutler turns Miami down, Colin Kaepernick is by far the next most-qualified choice for the Dolphins.

8) If Cutler signs with Miami, who replaces him in the FOX broadcast booth? He is slated to work games with Charles Davis on FOX this fall.

7) Run differential is a stupid/overused stat in baseball: in the AL, New York has a +107 run differential, the Royals are -13, but they’re only separated by one game in the standings. Teams that beat up on bad pitchers will have a better run differential. Wins are all that matter.

6) Thumbs up to Bob Evans restaurant here in Canton; excellent breakfast place that is within short walking distance of my motel here. Much nicer version of Denny’s, more like a Friendly’s restaurant.

5) Edmonton held off Hamilton 33-28 Friday night in the CFL; it was only the 3rd time in CFL history a 5-0 team played an 0-5 team. Hamilton lost 60-1 in Calgary last week; they showed some pride last night, but now they’re 0-6.

4) Dustin Johnson hit a drive 439 yards this week, the longest recorded drive on the PGA Tour since 2013.

3) Hall of Fame irony: Al Luginbill was Kurt Warner’s coach with the Amsterdam Admirals in NFL Europe; he was also Marshall Faulk’s college coach at San Diego State. He bugged the Rams to sponsor Warner in NFL Europe, otherwise I wouldn’t be in Ohio right now.

2) Terrell Davis was a 6th-round pick; so was Tom Brady. Kurt Warner wasn’t drafted, and the one year he played at I-AA Northern Iowa they ran the ball most of the time, but these guys are Hall of Famers or future Hall of Famers. The NFL is cool because it is very democratic; once you get in, how you got in matters less and less.

1) It is great to hear Hall of Famers be so humble being in Canton this week; they’re at the top of their profession, but there is no gloating, just gratitude. Good to hear.

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