Sunday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…..

13) The Stanley Cup goes all over the world once the finals are over; each player/coach gets it for a day and it can go anywhere. Giants-Nationals game was Saturday’s destination for the Cup, a game that for some reason started at noon. Capitals only have six American players, so the Cup’s passport is going to get a lot of business this summer.

12) Pretty soon I’ll write about my favorite baseball announcers, a longer article, but I’ll say here one of the very best analysts is Steve Stone of the White Sox. I could listen to him talk about pitching all day. Good natured, smart and not full of himself. 

When he says before the pitch what that pitch should be, he is right an awful lot. 

11) Astros 4, Rangers 3— Charlie Morton got 11 Rangers out in this game; he walked six and hit four others. No major league pitcher has ever hit five batters in a game.

10) Texas put 20 men on base, scored 3 runs; they were 1-17 with runners in scoring position. 

9) Auburn made the NCAA basketball tournament for the first time in 15 years last season, so coach Bruce Pearl got a 5-year contract extension. The idea that the FBI has been investigating his program, and one of his assistants got arrested, apparently doesn’t matter. 

8) Favorites have now won 11 of the last 18 Triple Crown horse races. 

7) Still makes me shake my head that the quickest overtime TD in NFL history (0:11) was a TD pass from Tim Tebow to Demaryius Thomas, in a Bronco-Steeler playoff game in 2012. 

6) Giants’ long snapper Zak DeOssie lost both his Super Bowl rings when he placed them on the roof of his car as he unlocked the car, then drove away with the rings still there. 

One ring was recovered but was smashed; the other ring wasn’t found. Combined value? $34,000. Oy. 

5) Why is Trayce Thompson in the major leagues? He can’t hit: last year, he hit .122 in 27 games with the Dodgers- he is hitting .126 in 125 PA’s this year. 

In 2016, he hit .225 with 13 HR’s and we know he is Klay Thmpson’s brother, but he cannot hit and should be in AAA. Maybe when Avasail Garcia comes off the DL, he’ll get sent down. 

4) Stephen Strasburg (shoulder) is on the 10-day DL.

Masahiro Tanaka (hamstring) also went on the DL. 

3) Bad news for the Mets: Jay Bruce has one RBI in his last 97 plate appearances. Yoenis Cespedes left his rehab game in Trenton with more tightness in his quad. 

2) Mets lost their last eight games; their starting pitchers’ ERA during that time is 2.16. 

1) A federal court temporarily blocked a pizza delivery man’s deportation one week after he was turned over to immigration officials while trying to drop off food at a military base in New York.

The guy’s wife and two kids (one of whom is very sick) are American citizens; he’s lived here for over 10 years, and filed for his green card in February- he is waiting for a response. 

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has gotten involved in all this; hopefully this guy can get his green card and have a decent life. We need all the pizza delivery guys we can get.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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