Sunday’s List of 13; Clearing out a cluttered mind…….

13) Best moment at next month’s All-Star Game will be when Nick Markakis gets introduced before the game; he is by far the best player who has never made an All-Star team, but that will change very soon. He has over 2,100 career hits and is batting .329 this season at age 34. 

12) Michigan coach John Beilein interviewed for the Detroit Pistons’ coaching job this week; not sure why, other than if he stays at Michigan that can’t hurt his recruiting any. 

If by chance the Pistons were to hire Beilein, where would Michigan turn for a coach? Wouldn’t be a normal time to hire a coach, and how good a job is Michigan?

11) Had no idea there were so many high-major college basketball players here in Albany last winter; Albany Great Danes lost both their guards as grad transfers to Villanova, Florida State and now a kid from Siena has transferred to Mississippi State. 

Prince Oduro is a 6-8 sophomore who played around 24:00 a game and was 41-123 on the foul line, so Ben Holland’s shooting coach will have his hands full this summer. 

10) Johnny Manziel was in for 23 plays in Hamilton’s CFL pre-season game with Toronto Friday; he went 9/12 for 80 yards passing and ran ball twice for 10 yards.

9) Fantasy baseball is fun/not fun: On plane home from Las Vegas last week, unable to sleep, my mind is going 100 miles an hour about terribly important things, like how to make my fantasy baseball team better. So I picked up OF Brandon Nimmo from the Mets- you never know when the $8 you spend for the in-flight Interweb comes in handy. 

Nimmo has been on a roll, but the Mets also have Cespedes-Bautista-Conforto-Bruce, so who is going to play every day? Nimmo might and he might not, but I also need pitching, so this week I traded Nimmo for a starting pitcher who should help some. 

Meanwhile, Nimmo is hotter than hell and now I’m concerned that I traded a future star for next to nothing. Only time will tell. 

8) Nimmo is leading the NL in OPS but isn’t on the All-Star ballot. Whoops. 

7) WCC is dropping two games from its conference basketball schedule to try and help improve their better teams’ RPI— Gonzaga, the #1 team, will play last year’s #9-10 teams only once instead of twice. 

Conference USA has done a more radical thing; their last few games of the schedule will be determined by where teams stand during the season. The top five teams will play each other in the last four games, with none of the top five allowed to drop out of the top 5after that point. We’ll see if it helps them get a second team in the NCAA’s. 

6) Competitive eater Joey Chestnut ate 257 Donettes in six minutes to win a contest held Friday by Hostess. 257 Donettes have 17,562 calories and 1,114 grams of sugar. He got $4,000 and an undetermined amount of cholesterol for his troubles. 

5) Odd Couple: Rob Reiner and Anthony Scaramucci appeared together on MSNBC this week, on Ari Melber’s program. Didn’t hear the whole thing, but I’m guessing Reiner didn’t call Scaramucci a meathead. 

4) Brendon Belt (appendicitis) will be out for a while for the Giants. 

3) Schedule/weather quirk; Red Sox have played five more games than the Bronx Bombers, who have been beset by rainouts- they even have a suspended game against the Nationals they have to finish. Red Sox lead New York by half a game, but the Bombers have a better win %age- that doesn’t happen much this late in the season. 

2) Been a rough few weeks for the Mets; they had a giveaway scheduled for Saturday, a Todd Frazier pullover, but apparently there was something wrong with the pullovers, so they were sent back to the factory and the giveaway was postponed. No bueno. 

1) Washington 3, Vegas 1— There hasn’t been an overtime game in the NHL playoffs since the 2nd round, the longest streak without an OT playoff game since 1981.

Why was this game on NBC Sports instead of NBC? NHL should go back to ESPN or some network that would actually promote its biggest event. 

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