Sunday’s List of 13: Clearing out a cluttered mind……..

13) It is possible that I watch too much TV; wore out my damn remote control. Seriously. 

The 0 and the 4 buttons don’t work anymore; DirecTV sent me a new one, which better get here pretty soon. 

12) Colts’ QB Andrew Luck lost his wallet recently; a guy found it, and returned it to Colts’ HQ, without taking anything out of it. Honorable guy. 

For his honesty, Luck gave the guy a signed football; throwing in some game tickets or a signed jersey/helmet might’ve been good, too. Everyone is happy, which is the main thing. 

11) NBA Summer League in Las Vegas is very popular; the first game of the day is usually in the girls’ gym, Cox Pavilion, and it always almost full for the first game. 

Once the day gets started, they’ll have two games going at once; the best move, if you don’t care which game you’re watching, is to walk down the hall to the Thomas & Mack Center and stretch out in the big arena— lot more room, and closer to the concession stands, which are pretty good. 

10) Did I mention it was supposed to be 110 degrees in Las Vegas Friday? So for $38 or so, you get solid entertainment all day while staying cool. Cheaper than playing video poker all day. 

9) I’ve told this story here before, but few years ago, I’m sitting in Cox Pavilion by myself watching the summer league, listening to conversations around me. For a solid hour, not one of the conversations were in English. 

GM’s from basketball leagues all over the world are in Las Vegas, looking for players to help their teams next season. Once spent an hour talking to an agent whose clients were all players who played overseas. Guys still make six figures playing ball internationally. 

8) Indiana Pacers lost their summer league opener 92-89 to Houston Friday; they were 19-33 on the foul line; you wonder why Doug McDermott makes $7M a year? Shooters are always welcome.

7) This is going to look strange; Tony Parker signed a 2-year, $10M deal to go to the Charlotte Hornets. Parker played for San Antonio the last 17 seasons.

Dwight Howard was bought out by the Nets, signs a 2-year, $11M deal with the Wizards. 

Zach LaVine signed a 4-year, $78M offer sheet with Sacramento- Bulls matched it. 

6) Guy that owns the NHL’s Florida Panthers is selling his NYC mansion for a mere $88M, thats million, with an M. Place looks more like a museum than a house.

5) There is a grocery store on East Flamingo Rd in Las Vegas, Smith’s Food King, with a bar inside it. This is an excellent idea. Wife shops, husband drinks, marriages are happier. 

4) Orlando Magic’s summer league team had five practices in three days before the summer league began; they’ll practice once a day on their off-days until summer league is over. 

3) University of Houston hired Robert Boudwin as assistant AD for marketing and event presentation; he spent two decades as the Houston Rockets’ mascot  “Clutch the Bear”

2) This makes no sense; major league base coaches have to wear batting helmets on the field, but watch when a team has a runner on 2nd base- the third base coach will stand halfway between home and third, to get a better angle on a ball hit to the outfield. 

This is totally unsafe; the third base coach shouldn’t be allowed to be closer to home plate than the coaches’ box. I mean, if you care about safety and all. 

1) Bartolo Colon and Jamie Moyer are only pitchers in MLB history to allow a home run to 300 different players; this week James McCann became the 300th player to homer off Colon. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

I've been involved in sports my whole life, now just write about them. I like to travel, mostly to Las Vegas- they have gambling there.