Sunday’s Den: Wrapping up a sports Saturday, with some venting included

13) Major League Baseball has a great product, but they’re TERRIBLE at promoting it.

I watch baseball every night, at least 5-6 hours a night, more than that on weekends, but until Saturday, I had no idea that the 2,000,000th run in major league history was going to be scored this weekend. How is this possible? How could this not be promoted, talked about????

The commissioner should be fired for this; the 2,000,000th run would’ve been something they could’ve promoted all season, had contests as to who would score the 2,000,000th run. Instead, crickets.

What are they thinking about?!?!?!?!

12) I’m 61 years old; when I was 15, the millionth run in major league history was scored, and believe me, MLB made a big deal out of it.
— There was a cash prize given to whatever guy scored the 1,000,000th run.
— Couple guys hit home runs that last day and sprinted around the bases, thinking they might be THAT guy (this was way before the Interweb).
— A candy company was giving away stuff connected to the 1,000,000th run; it was fun.

Bob Watson of the Astros scored the 1,000,000th run that year; pretty sure he scored it on a Sunday afternoon, maybe in San Francisco?

Anyway, the point is that baseball is a great sport, but the people who run baseball act like they don’t like baseball— this is a problem. They’re the problem; the game is just fine.

11) By the way, Bob Watson was a .295 career hitter who drove in 989 runs in his career, yet the thing I remember him for is scoring that 1,000,00th run. 

It was a big deal back then; it should’ve been a big deal this month.

10) Padres 11, Astros 8 (12)
— Tatis his a foul pop that should’ve been the last out in the 9th inning, but it wasn’t caught; he then tied the game with a 3-run homer.
— Wil Myers hit a 3-run homer in the 12th for the win.
— This was San Diego’s 4th straight extra inning game; the record is five, set by the 1908 Tigers.

9) Astros played the Dodgers/Padres at home this week.
— Last two games, they’re 3-32 with runners in scoring position.
— This week, in four games, Houston’s bullpen allowed 25 runs in 16.2 IP.

8) There are some really bad teams this season:
— Arizona has lost 13 games in a row.
— Baltimore has lost 12 games in a row.
— Colorado is 3-22 on the road, shut out nine times in those 22 losses.

Maybe these teams should dump the over-educated imbeciles in their front offices, and hire some old-school baseball people who know how to construct a roster. Or maybe if Colorado paid Arenado, or Arizona paid Goldschmidt, those teams wouldn’t be so bad.

7) Bucks 120, Heat 103:
— Milwaukee sweeps series 4-0, winning last three games by 34-29-17 points.

6) 76ers 132, Wizards 103:
— Sixers lead series 3-0, winning last two games by 25-29 points.

5) Jazz 121, Grizzlies 111:
— Utah grabs home court advantage back, leads series 2-1.
— Jazz made 19-43 on the arc; Conley made 7-10.

4) Trailblazers 115, Nuggets 95:
— Series is tied 2-2; NBA office has to be relieved there is one good series.
— Worst plus-minus for the Portland starters was +16; they cruised in this game.
— Portland held Denver to 47 first half points, a big improvement.

3) If you’re on Twitter, follow former NBA player Rex Chapman; he gets some great stuff sent to him, and he retweets it, most all of it good natured, fun stuff.

Saturday he posted a video of a woman juggling, but the camera was over her head; it was a very unique way of watching someone juggle. Pretty cool actually.

2) Last time the NHL went thru a playoff season without at least one series going to seven games? Way back in 1977.

1) RIP to Gavin MacLeod, 90, who passed away this weekend. He had two great television roles:
— He was Murray Slaughter, a writer at WJM TV on Mary Tyler Moore Show. His job basically was to bust anchorman Ted Baxter’s chops.
— Then he graduated to his big role, Captain Stubing on The Love Boat.

168 episodes of Mary Tyler Moore, 250 episodes of Love Boat; the man was in our living rooms an awful lot, from 1970-1987. A terrific actor. RIP, sir. 

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