Sunday’s Den: Wrapping up a sports Saturday

13) Next wave of change in major league baseball figures to be some losing teams ditching their over-educated “executives” and bringing back old school baseball people to put together rosters and lineups. Overachieving teams either do something different, or they do things better.

Some of these cruddy teams are playing badly for one simple reason; they have bad players, or players who aren’t ready to be major leaguers yet.

Seattle insists on batting their big prospect Jarred Kelenic leadoff; problem is, he is hitting .139, Drop him down in the order, take some pressure off him, maybe score more runs. 

12) Indians 5, Twins 3 (10):
— Cesar Hernandez walked it off with a home run.
— Minnesota is now 0-8 in extra innings.

11) I don’t have numbers on this, but seems to me that base umpires are calling more and more strikes on check swing appeals. The end of the bat always looks like it goes too far, even if the batter’s hands don’t commit to the swing.

10) Dwight Gooden’s son is a sophomore in high school who is rising up the recruiters’ charts as a pass rusher; the kid is 6-foot-6, and he is getting recruiting attention from several top 20 teams.

At first, Dylan Gooden wanted to be a WR, but his dad talked some sense to him, he switched to defense and now he figures to be a highly sought after recruit.

9) Bucks 109, Heat 107, OT:
— Miami took 50 3-pointers, 49 2-point shots.
— Milwaukee was +13 on the boards.
— Miami’s bench outscored the Bucks’ subs, 39-15.

8) Mavericks 113, Clippers 103:
— Dallas made 17 of 36 shots on the arc.
— Clippers’ five starters were a combined minus-70.
— Luka Doncic scored 31 points, had a triple-double.

7) Nets 104, Celtics 93:
— Brooklyn outscored Celtics 57-40 in second half.
— Blake Griffin played 20:00, didn’t take a shot from floor, was 1-2 on foul line.
— Jayson Tatum was 6-20 from the floor; not good enough.

6) Trailblazers 123, Nuggets 109:
— Blazers played only eight guys, not a lot.
— Carmelp Anthony scored 18 points in 22:00 off the bench.
— Funny how Portland’s star G’s went to Weber State/Lehigh.

5) When the Braves led Atlanta 20-1 the other night. Ronald Acuna wanted to take an at-bat left-handed, but manager Brian Snitker wouldn’t let him do it. Javier Baez has done this a couple of times, when hitting against a position player who was pitching in a blowout.

4) Modern baseball: Mets-Miami were scoreless after four innings; Joey Lucchesi had mowed the Marlins down on 43 pitches, allowing only one baserunner, but the Mets took him out after the 4th inning.

Lucchesi has started 61 big league games, he’s a capable big leaguer, I don’t care what the pencil pushers say— he faced only 12 batters by the way.

3) Rockies 7, Arizona 6— Diamondbacks have lost 12 in a row on the road.

2) Nationals 12, Orioles 9— Baltimore scored five runs in top of the first, but were trailing by the 4th inning- except for John Means, their pitching is terrible.

1) Cubs played St Louis on FOX last night; they had Anthony Rizzo miked, which irritates the hell out of me. Is it that difficult to concentrate on your job instead of yukking it up for the cameras? Not like Rizzo is killing the ball this year; little more focus wouldn’t hurt, and if that makes me the miserable old guy sitting on my porch, then so be it.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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