Sunday’s Den: Wrapping up a sports Saturday

13) Kentucky 78, Mississippi State 73 2OT:
— Kid named Dontaie Allen scored 23 points off the bench for Kentucky, as they broke a 6-game losing skid.
— Thing is, in Kentucky’s first seven games, Allen had played a TOTAL of 19:00, scored 7 points. Good things happen to people who work hard and don’t complain. 

12) Must’ve been a bad day for SEC refs; John Calipari, Eric Musselman both got tossed out of their games. Either that, or refs can just hear better in the mostly-empty gyms.

There were 73 free throws almost evenly divided in the Arkansas game; lot of whistles. 

11) What does it say about a mid-major program when its head coach quits to become an assistant at a bigger school? When Musselman got tossed out of the Arkansas game, associate coach David Patrick took the reins.

Patrick had been head coach at Cal-Riverside; they had their first winning season in 11 years LY, but Patrick bolted to become an SEC assistant. Couple years ago, Doc Sadler quit at Southern Miss to be an assistant for Fred Hoiberg at Nebraska.

Maybe being a mid-major head coach ain’t all it is cracked up to be. 

10) Marquette 64, Georgetown 60:
— Hoyas led this game 52-37 with 9:55 left to play.
— This is Patrick Ewing’s fourth year as Georgetown’s coach; he is now 20-42 in Big East games. 

9) Colorado State 70, San Diego State 67— Aztecs led this game 33-7 with 8:57 left before halftime. Biggest comeback win in Mountain West history. Rams are 6-1, 3-0 in conference.

8) Oklahoma 75, West Virginia 71— Sooners were up 38-20 at halftime; Mountaineers tied game in second half- they made 14-24 3-pointers, but shot only 27.8% inside the arc. 

7) There were lot of upsets Saturday:
— Morehead State (+13.5) 61, Murray State 56
— Oakland (+11) 81, Wright State 71
— Alabama (+10) 71, Tennessee 63
— Colorado State (+9) 70, San Diego State 67
— Oklahoma State (+8) 82, Texas Tech 77 OT
— Northern Colorado (+8) 64, Montana 62
— Wichita State (+7.5) 83, Ole Miss 79

6) Boise State 87, San Jose State 86:
— Thursday night, Boise hammered the Spartans 106-54, dropping San Jose to 1-5, but San Jose junior Jalen Dalcourt made his debut Saturday. Dalcourt scored 23 points in 24:00 off the bench, as this game went right down to the wire.  It’ll probably be last time he doesn’t start. 

5) Iowa 77, Rutgers 75:
— Rutgers will make the NCAAs this year for first time since 1991, but they better improve their free throw shooting if they want to advance. Scarlet Knights were 4-12 on the line in this game. 

4) There is a freshman on Mississippi State who is 1-11 on the foul line this season; I’m 61 years old, have been holed up in my house here for the last ten months, but I’m pretty sure I could go to a playground today and, after a little warmup, make half my foul shots, and I’d be annoyed if I only made half of them.

If you go to college on a basketball scholarship, 1-11 ain’t getting it done. 

3) Texas Longhorns fired football coach Tom Herman replaced him with Steve Sarkisian; Herman was 32-18 at Texas, 22-13 in Big X games, 4-0 in bowls, but it wasn’t enough. School ate $21M to terminate his contract.

Sarkisian knows Nick Saban and all, but he also went 46-35 as head coach at Washington/USC, 31-26 in conference games. No way is this an upgrade, it is change for the sake of change. 

2) Dallas Cowboys’ offensive coordinator Kellen Moore turned down Boise State’s offer to become its new football coach; he’ll be staying with Dallas. Moore played QB at Boise State not that long ago; where do they turn now? 

1) Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is the scapegoat for the Eagles’ bad year; he is “taking next year off” while head coach Doug Pederson appears to be keeping his job. Always has to be someone’s fault. Eagles won the Super Bowl three years ago; people have a short memory. 

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