Sunday’s Den: Wrapping up a sports Saturday

13) An 80-1 shot won the Kentucky Derby Saturday, 2nd-biggest underdog ever to win the Run for the Roses (in 1913, a 91-1 shot won). The overhead shot of the race is fascinating to watch, the route the winning jockey took to get his horse from 17th on the far turn to winning the race.

Winning jockey made $186,000 for his two minutes’ work; of that money, his agent gets 25% of it ($46,500), the valet gets $9,300 (5%). 

12) When the NFL schedule comes out on Thursday, remember that the 17th game is AFC vs NFC, with these divisional matchups:
AFC East @ NFC West
AFC North @ NFC East
AFC South @ NFC North
AFC West @ NFC South

Not necessarily Week 18 games, just the extra game for each team, from the way the schedule used to be made out. Last year AFC teams had nine home games; this year NFC teams do. 

11) Thru Friday’s games, major league hitters were batting .233 this season, the lowest batting average ever for a season. In 1968, batters hit .237, then they lowered the mound. In 1888 and 1908, they hit .239. Banning shifts next year will cause batting averages to go up.

10) Astros 3, Tigers 2:
— Houston beats the Tigers 3-2 for the third day in a row.
— Detroit has scored 2 or fewer runs in 14 of their 26 games.

9) Milwaukee Brewers are 18-1 when they score 3+ runs, 14-0 when they score 5+ runs.

8) Last year, Seattle Mariners went 90-72; they were 33-19 in one-run games, which is really good, but also hard to duplicate. Regression was expected.

So far this season, Seattle is off to a 12-16 start; they’re 3-5 in one run games. Mariners have lost 10 of their last 11 games. Things aren’t looking good. 

7) Minnesota 1, Oakland 0— A’s allowed total of six runs in last three games, but lost all three- they’ve lost eight games in a row overall. Going to be a long summer in Oakland. 

6) Dodgers 7-6, Cubs 0-2— Chicago scored total of 11 runs in their last eight games; they’re 9-17. What is this franchise doing? Chicago is a huge market; how are they running their franchise like this? Cubs have their own TV network that costs money to watch; who is ponying up money to watch this bunch of scrubs? 

5) Bucks 103, Celtics 101:
— Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 42 points, had 12 rebounds, 8 assists.
— Jayson Tatum was only 4-19 from the floor.
— Milwaukee leads series, 2-1

4) Golden State 142, Memphis 112:
— Warriors shot 63% from floor, made 17-32 on arc.
— Golden State had two subs who were +33/+30.
— Warriors lead series, 2-1.

3) USFL regular season is being played entirely in Birmingham, but their playoffs will have a much cooler location; Canton, Ohio, at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

2) Birmingham 16, Tampa Bay 10:
— Birmingham outscored Bandits 9-0 in second half.
— Hometown Stallions improve to 4-0.
— Birmingham out rushed Tampa Bay, 126-53

1) New Jersey 21, Pittsburgh 13:
— Generals win for the third week in a row.
— Maulers are scoring only 9 ppg in their 0-4 start.
— Two New Jersey QB’s combined to complete 20-24 passes, for 200 yards.

Author: Armadillo Sports

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