Sunday’s Den: Wrapping up a sports Saturday

13) Michigan Wolverines are 13-1, a top 5 team in the country, but they’re not going to play for the next two weeks; the state health department in Michigan paused the Wolverines’ athletic department for two weeks, which will cost Michigan at least four games.

It is still up in the air whether there will be conference tournaments or not; there is so much money involved in the NCAA Tournament, you figure that will be played, but things are very fluid right now. Strange times we live in.

12) Matthew Stafford will be 33 in two weeks; he’s been the Detroit Lions’ QB for 12 years, going 74-90-1 as a starter, but now he and the Lions have come to an agreement that will find Stafford moving elsewhere next season. Where? Who the hell knows!?!?!?!

Lions haven’t won a playoff game since 1991; Stafford has started/lost three playoff games, but he is still a quality passer and his contract is team-friendly. Someone will trade for him, and the Lions will begin yet another rebuilding program.

11) Stanford 73, UCLA 72 OT:
— Down 72-71, Stanford had ball OB under the UCLA basket with 0:00.8 left; their best player cut to the hoop and wasn’t covered- he scored a layup as time expired.
— This was UCLA’s first loss in nine Pac-12 games, but six of their eight wins are by 6 or fewer points, so they haven’t been as dominant as the standings suggest.

10) Louisville 70, Duke 65:
— Blue Devils fall to 5-5, 2-5 vs top 100 teams.
— Duke has #257 eFG% defense in country; they’re very young (#343 experience)

9) Oklahoma 75, Kansas 68:
— Kansas has lost three games in row, for first time in eight years.
— Jayhawks are 4-4 in Big X, tied for 4th in a 10-team league. 

8) College basketball upsets:
— LaSalle (+14.5) 84, Richmond 78
— San Jose State (+9.5) 83, New Mexico 71
— Oregon State (+9) 75, Oregon 64
— DePaul (+9) 68, Marquette 61
— Missouri (+7.5) 73, Tennessee 64
— Maryland (+5.5) 63, Minnesota 49

7) Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky are all unranked; last time that happened was 1961. 

6) ACC notes:
— Virginia is 6-0, Florida State 5-1
— North Carolina is 5-3, Duke 3-3; bubble teams.
— Clemson lost its last three games, after a 9-1 start. 

5) Big 14 notes:
— Michigan leads at 8-1, but they’re off for two weeks now.
— Iowa is 6-2; Illinois/Wisconsin are 6-3.
— Big thing on Selection Sunday will be how many of these teams make the field of 68. 

4) Pac-12 notes:
— UCLA leads at 8-1, followed by USC at 6-2.
— Colorado is experience team #28; they’ll be a problem for someone in first round, if they get in.
— Arizona is ineligible this year, and Oregon seems to be stumbling. Ducks are #306 in continuity, not a good thing in this strange season.  

3) Big East notes:
— Villanova is back after a 26-day pause; they’re 5-0 in league
— Creighton is 7-3, Seton Hall is 6-3; they appear to be NCAA-bound.
— Xavier hasn’t played in a couple weeks; how are these leagues going to handle it when teams don’t play the same amount of games? 

2) Colorado 70, Washington State 59:
— Buffs were down 23-5 early, then their best player Wright got hurt. Things looked bad.
— Wright came back in 2nd half; Buffs’ bench outscored Coogs’ bench 25-2.
— Dennis Rodman’s son plays for Wazzu. 

1) Larry King, a longtime CNN host who became an icon through his interviews with countless newsmakers, died this weekend, at age 87. King hosted “Larry King Live” on CNN for over 25 years, taping more than 6,000 episodes. What started out as a popular radio show on Mutual radio became a very famous TV show on CNN.

He also has 65 acting credits on, most of the time just being himself; he was a broadcaster for the Shreveport Steamer of the World Football League in the 70’s, was also briefly an announcer for the Miami Dolphins. A huge baseball fan, King could often be seen sitting behind home plate at Dodger games.

Research can be fun; just realized he was married eight times, to seven women- damn!!!

His parents emigrated here from Belarus in the 50’s; Larry King was elected to the National Radio Hall of Fame, and also the Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame. A very full life; RIP, sir. 

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