Sunday’s Den: Wrapping up a busy sports Saturday

13) This is Hall of Fame weekend for the NFL; Jimmy Johnson got inducted last night; he only coached nine years in the NFL, winning two Super Bowls in Dallas:

1989-93— Dallas 51-37, won two Super Bowls
1996-99— Miami 36-28 in regular season, 2-3 in playoffs
Total— 89-68, in nine years. 

When I think of Jimmy Johnson, I think of college football, but he’s been on the FOX pregame show on Sundays for a long time now, and that helped get him in.

12) But if that resume gets him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, then this coach should get in, too:

1976-82— Team A, 54-47, 3-4 in playoffs (they were 39-81-6 the 9 years before he got there)
1997-99— Team B, 25-26, 3-0 in playoffs (they were 36-76 the 7 years before he got there)
2001-05— Team C, 44-36, 0-1 in playoffs (they were 23-25 the 3 years before he got there)
He won a Super Bowl with Team B, lost a Super Bowl with Team A
Total— 126-114, in 15 years

Bringing two horrendous franchises into the Super Bowl (and winning a title) is just as impressive as winning two titles with the same team.

If you know me, you already know who the second coach is— the great Dick Vermeil.

11) Aside from his friends/family, the person who is happiest about the huge contract Josh Allen signed in Buffalo? Lamar Jackson’s agent, because the price tag in Baltimore just went up.

10) Phillies 5, Mets 3— Phils led 5-0 in last inning, brought in reliever Mauricio Llovero to close it out, but the first three batters he faced all hit home runs. He became just the 2nd player in the last 100 years to face 3+ batters in a game, and have them all homer.

9) Oakland A’s won in extra innings Wednesday/Friday; their pitchers didn’t walk anyone in either game, only the second time that has happened in the last 100 years (Twins, 2008).

8) Red Sox starting pitchers finished the 5th inning in only 4 of their last 17 games.

7) Tony LaRussa is old school: White Sox starting pitchers have thrown 100+ pitches 36 times this year, more than any other team.

6) Bronx Bombers are 39-21 in games decided by 1 or 2 runs, but they’re still on the outside looking in on the playoff race, though the race is very close, with 50+ games left. They’re 22-28 in games decided by 3+ runs. Last 7-8 weeks of the season are going to be very interesting.

5) Mentioned yesterday how the Dodgers are 1-12 in extra innings, one of the worst records ever in extra innings.

— 1969 Montreal Expos went 0-13 in extra innings, their first year in existence (52-110).
— 1982 Minnesota Twins were 1-13 in extra frames- they finished 60-102.

52-110? 60-102? Explain to me how Dodgers are 1-12 in extra innings, but are 66-45 overall.

4) 44% of at-bats in the big leagues this season have lasted 3 or fewer pitches.

3) Congrats to the Australian basketball team, which beat Slovenia 107-93 to win the bronze medal, Australia’s first-ever medal in basketball.

Lot of really good ballplayers have come from Australia to play college ball here- they lost the bronze medal game by a point in 2016, so this had to make lot of people happy down under.

2) Bruce Springsteen’s daughter won a silver medal at the Olympics in an Equestrian event.

1) NBA Summer League starts today; guys who are all GREAT basketball players working their butts off just to get invited to a training camp. I’ve been to the summer league several times; if you’re in Las Vegas, it is a solid day’s entertainment, and it is air conditioned.

Every high school player in America should watch these games, then go outside and work on their skills, because working on your skills is what will get you paid someday. 

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