Sunday’s Den: Wrapping up a busy Saturday…….

— Tuesday, NFL rosters have to be cut down from 90 players to 53; then, each team can sign 16 players to their practice squad, so the next few days are where general mangers earn their $$$.

— Packers 19, Seahawks 15— Kevin Harlan did play-by-play for this game; his father Bob was president of the Packers for 19 years- he was also the SID at Marquette. Kevin Harlan is a great announcer, whether football/basketball; you learn a lot listening to him.

— Chiefs 33, Browns 32— If you wager on preseason football, consider this; down 29-23, Chiefs scored a TD with 3:30 left in the third quarter. They let DB Justin Reid kick the PAT, which he made, but would you want to bet on a team that lets defensive backs kick extra points? 

Blaine Gabbert threw for 169 yards and two TD’s; more on him later.

— Cardinals 18, Vikings 17— In two years in Minnesota, Kevin O’Connell is now in 0-6 in these meaningless preseason games. As long as the Vikings go 13-4 in the regular season again, no one gives a rat’s ass about their record in exhibition games.

— Jets 32, Giants 24— HBO’s Hard Knocks got some good footage of Aaron Rodgers playing in a preseason game; he was 5-8/47 passing, with one TD pass.

Jets’ backup QB Tim Boyle was 9-11/107 passing; my godson was sitting next to his parents in the stands. Have to find out if he got any good information from them.

— Commanders 21, Bengals 19— Reid Sinnett threw a 34-yard TD pass with 6:29 left for the winning score; he was in the XFL last spring, but broke his foot. Joe Burrow’s calf injury got Sinnett an invite to training camp. Will be interesting to see if we winds up on an NFL roster.

— Buccaneers 26, Ravens 20— After winning 24 preseason games in a row, Baltimore has now lost two in a row. Lamar Jackson didn’t play; Baker Mayfield played, was 6-6/43 yards.

— Jaguars 31, Dolphins 18— Jacksonville ran 54 plays; only six of them came on third down. Jaguars went 3-0 this summer, open in two weeks at a Colts team starting a rookie QB.

— Cowboys 31, Raiders 16— QB Will Grier played the whole game for Dallas, going 29-35/305 passing, with two TD’s. He’s going to get cut now, because they traded for Trey Lance. After watching the Rams play last night, pretty sure Grier won’t be unemployed for long.

— Broncos 41, Rams 0— It is only an exhibition game, but this was embarrassing, just awful. Rookie QB Stetson Bennett looked so bad he got yanked early in the second quarter. Rams’ defense is extremely young, really, really young. Will be interesting to see how many players they scoop up off the waiver wire when cuts are made. 

Name of the Day— Rams’ #4 QB is Dresser Winn, who played at I-AA Tennessee-Martin. He won a state title in high school, but looks like he got hurt a lot in college.

He has two siblings, Loral and Tinley, I’m guessing they’re his sisters, but who names their son Dresser? Having a QB named Winn sounds like a good idea, though. 

— Bills 24, Bears 21— Both starting QB’s played a little. Buffalo is one of those teams where the guys they cut will get scooped up by lesser teams.

— Washington Nationals have used only seven starting pitchers all season; by way of contrast, Tampa Bay has had 16 different pitchers start games this season.

— Movie of the Day— Double Jeopardy (1999)— A woman framed for her husband’s murder suspects he is still alive; she has already been tried for the crime, so she can’t be re-prosecuted if she finds and kills him. She tries to find him so she can regain custody of their son.

Ashley Judd is the woman; Tommy Lee Jones is her parole officer. 

She eventually finds her husband alive in New Orleans. This is a good movie.

— NFL Trend of the Day—  Under Beamer, South Carolina is 7-2 ATS as a favorite.

— Notre Dame 42, Navy 3— Sam Hartman played at Wake Forest for five years, then instead of going to the NFL or staying at Wake, he transferred to Notre Dame. Why????

He’s good enough to play in the NFL someday, why not go there? Is Notre Dame paying him more NIL $$$ than an NFL backup would make? Didn’t he enjoy playing ball with his friends at Wake Forest? Did he have friends at Wake Forest? (I’m guessing he did)

Anyway, Hartman was 19-23/251 passing with four TD’s in this game.

— Last seven years, these are the Colts’ starting QB’s in Week 1:
2017— Scott Tolzien
2018— Andrew Luck
2019— Jacoby Brissett
2020— Philip Rivers
2021— Carson Wentz
2022— Matt Ryan
2023— Anthony Richardson

— Blaine Gabbert is a backup QB with the Chiefs; he’s had an interesting career:
2011— 10th pick in draft by Jacksonville
2011-13— went 5-22 as a starter with the Jaguars
2014-16— went 4-9 as a starter for the 49ers.
2017— went 2-3 as a starter for the Cardinals.
2018— went 2-1 as a starter for Tennessee.
2020-22— threw 35 passes in 11 games as a backup in Tampa Bay.

His career earnings, coming into this season: $26,294,146.

— Pittsburgh Steelers haven’t had a top 5 pick in the NFL Draft since 1970, when they took Terry Bradshaw. NFL team that has next-longest streak without a top 5 pick is New England, whose last top 5 pick was in 1994.

— If the baseball playoffs started today (they don’t):
NL: Braves, Brewers, Dodgers. Wild Cards: Phillies, Arizona, Cubs
AL: Orioles, Twins, Tex-Sea. Wild Cards: Rays, #2 AL West, Astros

— RIP to Bob Barker, the great game show host who passed away this weekend at age 99.

Barker hosted The Price is Right for 35 years; I spent a good part of my childhood watching his show and Match Game on weekday afternoons.

RIP, sir. 

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