Sunday’s Den: Random thoughts on a very quiet day

13) If there is no college football this fall (75% of their revenue is gate receipts, so there may not be), would NFL play 2-3 games on Saturday every week this season? It makes sense. 

12) How do people run marathons? Seriously, if I drive 26 miles I am looking for a McDonald’s or Wendy’s drive-thru window. I don’t get running for 26 miles.

11) This time next week, we’ll have new stuff to think about, the NFL Draft; for three days, we can dissect the draft and
a) Who drafted the best players
b) Who has the nicest basement?

10) How is there going to be a baseball draft this spring? No high school/college baseball, makes it difficult to make informed decisions.

9) In December 2006, Alabama tried to hire Nick Saban away from the Miami Dolphins; he turned them down, so they went after Rich Rodriguez, who had gone 22-3 the previous two seasons- he apparently almost said yes.

When Rodriguez stayed in Morgantown, Alabama went back trying lure Saban to Tuscaloosa; how different would the last 14 years been in college football had Rodriguez said yes?

8) Wonderlic scores from the NFL Combine for QB prospects:
35— Jake Fromm, Georgia
34— Joe Burrow, LSU
27— Jordan Love, Utah State
25— Justin Herbert, Oregon
23— Jacob Eason, Washington/James Morgan, FIU
18— Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma
13— Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama

7) I have no idea if Wonderlic mean anything; I’ve read that teams consider them more important for QB’s than other positions, and also that some teams care more about those scores than other teams.

Next question: Are there prep courses for the Wonderlic, like there are for the SAT’s?

6) Obi Toppin came out of nowhere to be a big star for Dayton this year; his younger brother Jacob just transferred to Kentucky, after scoring 5.1 ppg and 3.9 rpg in 18.5 mpg for Rhode Island this year.  URI was 21-9 this season, 13-5 in the A-14.

Kentucky looks like they’ll be replacing eight of their top nine scorers next season; this reminds me of when Steph Curry became an NBA star, so Duke poached his younger brother Seth from Liberty’s team.

Jacob Toppin better be using this downtime to work on his shooting; he shot 24.5% on the arc, 64.4% on the foul line this season.

5) Current NFL head coaches who were drafted as players:
1984— Ron Rivera, Bears— 2nd round
1985— Frank Reich, Bills— 3rd round
1986— Doug Marrone, Raiders—- 6th round
1997— Mike Vrabel, Steelers, 3rd round
2003— Kliff Kingsbury, Patriots, 6th round

4) Hard to believe, but over the last four years, neither Auburn or Texas has had a player taken in the first round of the NFL Draft.

3) When he was 16 years old, George Clooney tried out for the Cincinnati Reds; women all over America are glad he didn’t make it in baseball.

2) 27-year old Kory Alford is the new basketball coach at Huntington University in Indiana; he is Steve Alford’s son— the Alford name still carries a lot of weight in the Hoosier State.

1) Remember when we’re watching the draft, that even in a multi-billion dollar industry, the draft is an inexact science:
3rd round picks— Russell Wilson, Fran Tarkenton, Joe Montana
6th round pick— Tom Brady
14th round pick— Deacon Jones
17th round pick— Bart Starr
Not drafted— Kurt Warner

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