Sunday’s Den: Random thoughts for a sunny Sunday

13) This made me laugh today; these days, we all need to laugh:

The New York State Liquor Store Association notified liquor stores that they have been deemed an essential business and can stay open. Seriously.

I’m just shaking my head, reading that. Strange times we live in.

12) Betting totals for Tom Brady this fall:

over/under interceptions: 10.5
over/under passing yards: 4,350
over/under TD passes: 32.5

11) Flashback to March, 2010; I’m sitting in the sports book at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, watching the NCAA Tournament- the day’s games had just started.

Not 100% sure what game it was, pretty sure it was Wake Forest playing, but they weren’t at the second TV timeout yet and this white kid makes a basket— the three 20-ish guys next to me go nuts, hugging each other and laughing loudly.

I ask one of them, “Was that your brother who scored the basket? Why are you so happy?”

Had no idea the MGM offers a “first team-to-15 points” prop bet; so you’re simply betting on which team gets to 15 points first. Those guys had Wake Forest, and they got to 15 points first.

To me, that was the basketball version of a craps table; I’ve wondering a few times since then if that could be researched and would it help, but decided against it.

10) Was watching a replay on NFL Network the other day; Colts-Chargers from Week 1 of last season, Philip Rivers winning an OT game against his new employers. 

If they play football this fall, the whole new-QB thing is going to be fascinating, especially when you factor in LSU rookie Joe Burrow, likely to wind up in Cincinnati.

9) Jameis Winston won a lot of games in college at Florida State, but he is 28-42 as a starter in the NFL, and threw 30 INTs last year. Winston led the league in passing yards, but his first pass and last pass of the season were both pick-6’s. Winston is a free agent who isn’t going to start next year; if the Chargers don’t sign him, not sure where he winds up.

If you’re a QB and Bruce Arians doesn’t want you, why would anyone else want you?

8) Atlanta Falcons are expected to start 10 players on offense this fall who were first round draft picks, which would be the first time that has happened in the Common Draft era (since 1967).

7) There are already 19 college basketball teams who have had 4+ players transfer out of their program this spring; six schools had six players each bolt to greener pastures.

6) There are 385 college basketball players in the transfer portal, more than one per team.

5) Seven first-year college hoop coaches won at least five more games than their program did the year before they got there:
— Donnie Jones, Stetson, +9 wins
— Ron Hunter, Tulane, +8 wins
— Dane Fischer, Wm & Mary +7 wins
— Dustin Kearns, Appalachian State, +7 wins
— Mark Fox, California, +6 wins
— Kevin Broadus, Morgan State, +6 wins
— Billy Donlon, UMKC, +5 wins

4) UAB signed Andy Kennedy as their new basketball coach; he coached at Ole Miss for 12 years- he played at both NC State/UAB. I’ll miss Kennedy’s TV work on SEC Network; he was a very good combination with Tom Hart. Two friends sitting around, watching ball.

3) Red Sox are now up to $80M in dead money on this year’s payroll:
— Chris Sale $30M
— David Price $16M
— Rusney Castillo $14,271,248
— Dustin Pedroia $13,125,000
— Pablo Sandoval $5M
— Manny Ramirez $2,013,418

2) I’m not saying that John Elway is hard to work for but……..this fall, Denver Broncos will have their fifth offensive coordinator in five years.

1) There was a video on Twitter Friday of two cats walking on top of a frozen swimming pool, and it was very funny when the cats began struggling with the slippery surface, then panicked and tried to escape, with very little success. Like I said, we all need to laugh these days. 

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