Sunday’s Den: Playing careers of current American League managers:

Playing careers of current American League managers:
Brandon Hyde, Orioles:
— Played three years in the White Sox organization, getting as high as AAA. 
— Hit .252 with 15 home runs, in 200 minor league games.
— Played college baseball at Long Beach State.
— Was a coach for Cubs/Marlins before getting the Baltimore job.

Ron Roenicke, Red Sox:
— His older brother Gary also played in the big leagues.
— Ron Roenicke hit .238 in an 8-year career; he played for six different teams.
— Was an OF; got in two playoff games with ’84 Padres, but didn’t bat.
— Played all three outfield positions.

Rick Renteria, White Sox:
— Played in 184 games for three teams in a 5-year MLB career.
— Was a utility infielder whose birthday is on Christmas.
— Saw him play in Albany for the AA Nashua Pirates in 1984.

Terry Francona, Indians:
— His father Tito also played in the major leagues.
— Hit .274 in a 10-year career; his OPS was only .652.
— Played for five teams in 10 years; was a 1st round pick of the Expos.
— Went 4-13 in the ’81 playoffs for Montreal; threw one scoreless inning as a pitcher for Milwaukee in ’89.

Ron Gardenhire, Tigers:
— Hit .232 in five years (285 games) for the Mets.
— Was a 6th round pick of the Mets; played mostly SS in the majors.
— Was traded to Minnesota after the ’86 season, but never made it to the majors with the Twins, until he became their manager.

Dusty Baker, Astros
— Hit .287 with 242 homers in a 19-year big league career.
— Played mostly for the Dodgers but also saw lot of time with Atlanta.
— Hit .282 in 40 postseason games with the Dodgers.
— Made two All-Star Games, in ’81, ’82.

Mike Matheny, Royals:
— Hit .239 in a 13-year career as a major league catcher.
— Played for four teams, mostly Cardinals/Brewers.
— Hit .253 in 27 postseason games for St Louis.

Joe Maddon, Angels:
— Maddon hit .267 with 5 home runs in 514 at bats in four years as a catcher in A ball in the Angels organization.
— Played football and baseball at Lafayette College.
— Was a coach with the Angels from 1994-2006.
— Had a 279–339 record in six seasons as a minor league manager, but he’s close to being a Hall of Fame manager with his big league resume.

Rocco Baldelli, Twins:
— Hit .278 in seven injury-plagued seasons for Tampa Bay.
— Finished 3rd in Rookie of the Year voting in 2003; it was downhill from there.
— Never played more than 92 games in his last five years in the majors.

Aaron Boone, Bronx:
— His father, grandfather and brother all played in the major leagues.
— Hit .263 in a 12-year career, playing for six different teams.
— Made 2003 All-Star Game while playing for the Reds.
— Was only 9-53 in ’03 playoffs, but hit walk-off homer in Game 7 of ALCS.

Bob Melvin, A’s:
— Hit .233 in a 10-year career as a major league catcher, playing for seven teams.
— Was a 1st round pick of Detroit in ‘81; played only 41 games for the Tigers.
— Went 3-7 in his only three playoff games, for the ’87 Giants.
— Played most of his career for the Orioles, Giants.

Scott Servais, Mariners:
— Hit .245 in an 11-year career as a major league catcher.
— Went 2-3 in his only playoff game, for the ’98 Cubs.
— Played for four different teams, mostly the Cubs/Astros.

Kevin Cash, Rays:
— Played 246 games in eight years, for five big league teams.
— Hit .183 with 12 career homers, mostly for Boston/Toronto.
—- Went 1-3 in four career playoff games for the ’08 Red Sox; pitched one inning in the majors, allowing one run for the ’10 Astros.
— Never managed in the minors; was a coach for Terry Francona in Cleveland. 

Chris Woodward, Rangers:
— Hit .229 in 12 years (659 games) as a major leaguer.
— Lasted 12 years in majors after being a 54th-round draft pick.
— Versatile player, he played every position but pitcher/catcher. Shortstop was his primary position.
— Hit .276 with 13 homers in only 90 games for ’02 Blue Jays.

Charlie Montoyo, Blue Jays:
— Went 2-5 in four games for the ’93 Expos, his only big league experience.
— Montoyo played in 1,028 minor league games and retired in 1996; he hit .266 with 400 RBI in the minors.
— Managed in Tampa Bay’s minor league system for 18 years.

TV highlight of the day: Solid movie night- Rounders, Moneyball, Bull Durham; TV was way better later at night than during the day. 

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