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13) Mavericks 136, Bucks 132 OT— NBA games down in Orlando have been better than most people thought they would be, highly competitive games, solid entertainment.

Dallas bench outscored Milwaukee’s 37-22; Luka Doncic scored 36 for Dallas, Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 34 for the Bucks.

12) Cubs-Cardinals was supposed to be the Sunday night ESPN game tonight, but since that series was cancelled, MLB moved Indians-White Sox into that primetime slot.

11) The new extra innings rule they’re using this season puts a lot of pressure on hitters to deliver in the clutch, you can just sense it watching the games. Sacrifice bunting is a bad play, I think; you can’t make an out on purpose in that situation. My idea is that hitting the ball to the right side to get the runner to third base has a much higher upside.

10) Major league rosters dropped from 30 guys to 28 on Thursday, which is where they’ll stay for the rest of the season. Originally they were going to go down to 26 players on August 20, but that’s not going to happen.

9) 76ers’ guard Ben Simmons is having knee surgery after he dislocated his kneecap earlier this week. Big loss for Philadelphia; he is a great passer.

8) Cleveland Indians had a great draft in 2016; Shane Bieber, Aaron Civale and Zach Plesac, all solid members of their starting rotation now.

7) Mid-American Conference cancelled football for this fall, an ominous sign for the future of college football this fall. Once the big-money schools cancelled their non-conference games, that meant a lot of big paydays for MAC teams went down the drain, so it became fiscally irresponsible to play this season.

As former Giants’ GM George Young said a long time ago, “When you’re wondering what its about, remember, its always about the money”

6) Milwaukee’s Christian Yelich had a weird game the other night; he walked four times and had an inside-the-park home run. I’m guessing not too many guys have done that in the same game.

5) Veteran OF Nick Markakis hit a walk-off for the Braves in his first game back for Atlanta, after originally opting out of this season.

4) If you’re on Twitter, you should follow former NBA player Rex Chapman; he comes up with some of the best videos out there and it is uplifting, funny stuff.

3) Weird how the Miami Marlins have won two World Series, but have never won a division title. Marlins’ schedule is now heavily backloaded; they’re scheduled to play four twinbills in a 10-day span in September, to make up all the games they’ve missed.

2) A strange baseball streak ended this week, when the Bronx Bombers lost 5-4 in Philly Thursday. It ended New York’s 10-game winning streak when Will Little was umpiring home plate in one of their games.

Jed Lowrie has been in the major leagues for 13 years; the only game he was ever thrown out of was an Oakland-Bronx game a few years ago when Little worked his magic behind the plate on a Saturday afternoon.

1) Funny thing, when I had my cataract surgery Tuesday, they ask you the same questions several times. One of the questions they asked was “How is your blood pressure?”

The 3rd or 4th time they asked me Tuesday, I finally smiled and said that my blood pressure is fine, unless the A’s or Rams are losing. The nurse gave me an odd look 🙂

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