Sunday’s Den: Best 3 managers for each NL team (since 1969)

Arizona Diamondbacks:
— Bob Brenly— 303-262 in four years, won the ’01 World Series.
— Buck Showalter— 250-236 in three years, going 100-62 in 1999, Arizona’s 2nd year as a major league team.
— Torey Lovullo— 260-226 the last three years, all winning seasons, despite their letting their best player (Paul Goldschmidt) walk away.

Atlanta Braves:
— Bobby Cox— Hall of Fame skipper won five NL pennants, ’95 World Series.
— Fredi Gonzalez— 434-413 in six years, went 1-4 in two playoff appearances.
— Brian Snitker— 318-292 in four years, made playoffs last two seasons.

Chicago Cubs:
— Joe Maddon— Won Cubs’ first World Series in over 100 years, got dumped three years later.
— Leo Durocher— 535-526 in seven years; his best Cub team got beaten out by the Miracle Mets in 1969.
— Don Zimmer— 265-258 in four years, getting ’89 Cubs to the playoffs.

Cincinnati Reds:
— Sparky Anderson— 863-586 in nine years, splitting four World Series.
— Lou Piniella— 255-231 in three years, winning 1990 World Series.
— Dusty Baker— 509-463 in six years; Reds haven’t been over .500 since he left.

Colorado Rockies:
— Clint Hurdle— Had only one winning season, but he won NL title in 2007.
— Bud Black— 249-238 the last three years.
— Don Baylor— Rockies’ first manager; had two winning seasons out of six.

Los Angeles Dodgers:
— Tommy Lasorda— Won four NL titles, two World Series.
— Walter Alston— Won four World Series, including ’55 Series for Brooklyn/
— Dave Roberts— 393-256 in four seasons, only 25-22 in playoffs.

Miami Marlins:
— Jack McKeon— Managed 3.5 seasons in Miami, won ’03 World Series.
— Jim Leyland— Managed two seasons in Miami, won ’97 World Series.
— Fredi Gonzalez— 276-279 in four seasons; had two winning years.

Milwaukee Brewers:
— Tom Trebelhorn— Had only one losing season in five full years in Milwaukee.
— Craig Counsell— Averaged 90.3 wins/year the last three seasons.
— Harvey Kuenn— 160-118 in 1.5 years, won ’82 AL pennant as an interim skipper.

New York Mets:
— Davey Johnson— 595-417 in 6+ years, won ’86 World Series.
— Gil Hodges— Managed ’69 Miracle Mets, passed away at age 47.
— Bobby Valentine— 536-467 in seven years, won 2000 NL pennant.

Philadelphia Phillies:
— Charlie Manuel— 780-636 in nine years, won two NL pennants, ’08 World Series.
— Danny Ozark— 594-510 in seven seasons, made playoffs three times.
— Larry Bowa— 337-308 in four seasons, three of them over .500.

Pittsburgh Pirates:
— Jim Leyland— Led Pirates for 11 years, winning 96.3 games/year from ’90-’92.
— Danny Murtaugh— 15 years, four different stints; won ’60, ’71 World Series.
— Chuck Tanner— 711-685 in nine years, won ’79 World Series.

St Louis Cardinals:
— Whitey Herzog— 822-728 in 11 years, won three pennants, ’82 World Series.
— Tony LaRussa— 1408 wins in 16 years, won World Series in ’06, ’11.
— Red Schoendienst— 1041-955 in 14 years, won ’67 World Series.

San Diego Padres:
— Bruce Bochy— Won 951 games in 12 years, won NL pennant in ‘98.
— Dick Williams— 337-311 in four years, won NL pennant in ’84.
— Bud Black— Had only two winning seasons in nine years; not lot of other choices.

San Francisco Giants:
— Bruce Bochy— Won three World Series; will be in Cooperstown in July, 2025
— Dusty Baker— 840-715 in ten years, won NL pennant in ’02.
— Roger Craig— 586-566 in eight years, won ’89 NL pennant.

Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals:
— Felipe Alou— Managed Expos for 10 years; his best team was in ’94, Eason that got ended by the work stoppage.
— Dave Martinez— 175-149 the last two years, won World Series last year.
— Dusty Baker— 192-132 in two years; why doesn’t anyone stay in Washington? 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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