Sunday’s Den: A quick trend for every MLB team

— Diamondbacks are 5-16 since the All-Star break.

— Braves are 10-2 in Strider’s last 12 starts.

— Cubs are 22-14 in series openers;  12-5 at home, 10-9 on the road.

— Since All-Star break, Reds are 0-7 in games where game-winning run scored from the 7th inning on.

— Colorado is 1-16 in the last game of their home series.

— LA Dodgers are 24-11 in first game of a series, 16-19 in the last game.

— Marlins are 24-9 this season in one-run games.

— Milwaukee is 9-3 in the game after their last 12 losses.
Milwaukee is 0-6 in game after their last six wins.

— Mets are 39-34 vs right-handed starters, 11-26 vs lefty starters.

— Phillies are 22-14 in one-run games, also 22-14 vs AL opponents.

— Over is 13-3-2 in Pirates’ last 18 home games.

— St Louis is 6-12 in first game of a home series, 11-6 in last game of a home series.

— San Diego is 0-10 in extra inning games.

— Under is 15-3 in San Francisco’s last 18 games.

— Washington is 3-16 in home series openers, 9-9 in road series openers.

— Movie of the Day: The Gambler (2014)— A Literature professor/degenerate gambler is in serious debt; he borrows money from his mother and three loan sharks. He is also having an affair with one of his students.

Mark Wahlberg is the professor; Jessica Lange is his mother, Brie Larson the student, John Goodman is one of the loan sharks.

The scenes where he gambles make me queasy; why would a supposedly smart person take such outrageous chances? It is a good movie, though.

— College Football Trend of the Day: Since 2014, Ball State is 15-34 ATS at home.

— Orioles are 33-17 in games decided by 1 or 2 runs.

— Boston is 13-5 in road series openers, 14-23 in all their other road games.

— White Sox lost their series opener in 14 of their last 15 series.

— Cleveland is 15-20 in series openers, 20-15 in series finales.

— Detroit is 5-17 vs AL East teams, 45-44 vs everyone else. 

— Houston is 1-7 in extra inning games this season.

— Royals are 4-14 in home series openers, 9-9 in home series finales. 

— Angels are 45-38 vs right-handed starters, 11-18 vs lefty starters.

— Since All-Star break, Minnesota is 9-2 in games where winning run scored from the 7th inning on.

— Bronx is 8-12 in home series openers; under is 12-8 in those games.

— A’s started season 12-50, then they won seven games in a row; since then, they’re 12-30.

— Seattle is 15-20 in one-run games; previous two years, they were 67-41. 

— Tampa Bay won its first 12 home series openers; they’re 1-5 in their last six. 

— Texas is in first place with a 65-46 record, despite being 8-14 in one-run games.

— Blue Jays are 10-23 vs their AL East rivals, 52-27 vs everyone else. 

Author: Armadillo Sports

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