Saturday’s List of 13: Some more Super Bowl prop bets

13) Combined TD passes by Goff/Brady:
over/under 4.5

12) Will either team be trailing by 10+ points in the 4th quarter?
Yes -$110, No -$110

11) Passing yards for Jared Goff:
over/under 289.5

10) Passing yards for Tom Brady:
over/under 300.5

9) Passes thrown by Jared Goff:
over/under 37

8) Passes thrown by Tom Brady:
over/under 37.5

7) Total passing yards combined in game:
over/under 589.5

6) Brandin Cooks’ receiving yards:
over/under 70.5

5) Robert Woods’ receiving yards:
over/under 74.5

4) Julian Edelman’s receiving yards:
over/under 84.5

3) Rob Gronkowski’s receiving yards:
over/under 54.5

2) Total rushing yards combined in game:
over/under 253.5 yards

1) Rushing yards for Todd Gurley:
over/under 70.5

Author: Armadillo Sports

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