Saturday’s List of 13: Random thoughts on a summer night…..

13) So I’m having dinner at a Ruby Tuesday’s last night; there are 5-6 people sitting to my left. Next thing I know, the two guys in the group are in the parking lot, trading punches. Cops were called, I think both of them got arrested and that was that. Just another Friday night in Canton.

12) Spent several hours at the Football Hall of Fame Friday; if you like the NFL, this is an excellent place to visit. So much history to re-visit, the room with the Hall of Fame busts is very impressive, but bring your walking shoes to get there.

11) Parking at the Hall of Fame isn’t great; the area is probably too small to host a venue that is so popular, and with all the construction going on, its a pretty good hike from where you park to the actual Hall of Fame.

When all the construction is done in 2020, there will be a Hall of Fame Village, with shops and places to eat. Look forward to seeing that.

10) Pretty cool to see the Lombardi Trophy, which has its own display area upstairs in the Hall of Fame. They also have all the Super Bowl rings displayed in a case; they’re pretty big now.

10) I was in here once before, in 2001, when Jackie Slater/Jack Youngblood were inducted; it is so much different now, so many more sponsors’ exhibits- the memorabilia tent is like a small building now. Back then, it was just a regular-sized tent.

It is normally $25 to get into the Hall of Fame; it is $30 this weekend. Cheapest ticket for the induction ceremony Saturday night is $40. Worth it, but listening to people this week talking about how much autographs/memorabilia cost now— this is definitely big business.

9) Rams played Miami in the Hall of Fame Game in 2001; the induction ceremony wasn’t in the stadium, it was outside the Hall of Fame, with portable bleachers. Now the ceremony is in the actual stadium. Hope it doesn’t rain…..or my butt is going to get very wet. LOL

8) It is ironic that the head of the Hall of Fame now is a guy named David Baker; when Kurt Warner played for the Iowa Barnstormers in the Arena League, Baker was commissioner of the AFL— he ruined the league by moving teams in Iowa/Albany (where I live) to NFL cities, with hopes of making the AFL a AAA-league for the NFL.

The Arena League was awesome; we regularly drew crowds of 11-12,000 people in downtown Albany, where Touchdown Eddie Brown (Antonio Brown’s father) was the best player.

Baker’s son Sam was a tackle at USC and later for the Atlanta Falcons.

7) In either 1996 or 1997, the Firebirds lost a home game 77-76 to Iowa; highly entertaining game. Little did I know that night that in 1999, the Barnstormers’ QB in the 77-76 game would lead the Rams to their first Super Bowl title. If it was a movie, it wouldn’t be very believable.

6) What an honor to be selected as a presenter for the Hall of Fame; imagine it can be a touchy thing, especially for someone who may have changed teams, like Warner— he chose his wife, as did Jerry Jones. I wonder if Mike Martz will be here tomorrow; he and Dick Vermeil deserve so much credit for Warner’s initial success in the NFL.

5) Jerry Jones’ Hall of Fame party here in Canton tonite is at a country club that he rented……for $5M. For one night.

4) Dolphins are talking to Jay Cutler; looks like Ryan Tannehill is out a minimum of six weeks, with a strong possibility that he misses the whole season.

3) Fantasy football is also a big business; ton of sites sites are advertising for leagues to sign up. Our baseball league is run by, which does a great job.

2) Former baseball commissioner Fay Vincent was talking Friday about how legalized gambling is going to help pro sports; this is the same guy who put Pete Rose in baseball prison for his involvement in gambling. Life can be very ironic sometimes.

1) Can you imagine what is like, at the Gold Jacket Dinner for Hall of Famers, walking thru that gauntlet of Hall of Famers? The icons of the sport, all there to see you get inducted into the Hall of Fame. What a feeling that must be.

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