Saturday’s List of 13: Random stuff with weekend here…….

13) Somehow, someway, Phil Jackson gets two more years to run the Knicks, despite an 80-166 record that screams out that Jackson has no clue how to run an NBA franchise. At $12M a year, the least Jackson could’ve done was get rid of of Carmelo Anthony, who is getting older and did not try much on defense, even when he was young.

12) We talked briefly yesterday about “exit meetings” with players after a season; apparently Kristaps Porzingis, one of the Knicks’ few bright spots, skipped his exit meeting with the club because of “his displeasure with the “dysfunction” and “drama” that has enveloped the franchise”, according to

11) Was surprised to see that major league umpire Joe West is only 64 years old; he’s been a big league umpire since 1976, which means he made it to the majors at age 23.

10) Calgary Flames have to win at least one game in Anaheim to win their opening round playoff series; problem is, the Flames have now lost 28 games in a row in Anaheim- their last win in the Pond was in a 2006 playoff game. No bueno.

9) John Daly played in Darius Rucker’s charity golf tournament this week, which raises money for kids in South Carolina; at one point. he used a full beer can as a tee, then chugged the beer after he hit the ball off the top of the can, all while playing barefoot. Alrighty then.

8) Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred is open to the idea of geographic realignment, but Bud Selig was also in favor of that— it just never appealed to anyone else.

Geographic realignment would reduce travel costs and create more games with local rivalries, but then, no more American/National Leagues. I’d be OK either way— what do you do with the DH? (hopefully, get rid of it)

7) If you like obscure trivia, Ender Inciarte got the first hit in the new SunTrust Stadium in Atlanta.

6) Mets are just third team in history (’83 Brewers, ’03 Rockies) to win consecutive games when they gave up a grand slam in both games- Mikael Franco hit one against them Wednesday, Marcell Ozuna Thursday.

5) Mets beat the Miami Marlins in 16 innings Thursday night, which drained both bullpens. Marlins’ reliever Nick Wittgren threw three scoreless innings, but because he has options left and needed a couple days off anyway, he was sent back to AAA, not the best reward for pitching well, but he’ll be back in the majors soon.

4) Colorado pitcher Jon Gray has a stress fracture in his foot, will miss at least a month.

3) When Hall of Fame baseball player Rod Carew received a heart transplant in December, he got the heart of the late Konrad Reuland, who played tight end for the Baltimore Ravens before he passed away at age 29 after having a brain aneurysm.

2) Seattle Mariners sell toasted grasshoppers at their concession stands- they sold 901 orders of the insects over the first three home games. The grasshoppers are toasted in a chili lime salt and come in a four-ounce cup for $4.

The team called in an emergency order so that they last throughout this weekend; they’re also imposing a per-game order limit for the rest of the season.

There is no way in hell I would eat grasshoppers…….ever.

1— A very courageous 10-year old boy threw out the first pitch at the Dodgers’ game last night; the young man is the first person to receive a double hand transplant. Zion Harvey also lost both his legs below the knees as a result of a virus he had at age 2.

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