Saturday’s List of 13: Random stuff with weekend here…….

13) There is too much anger and bad news in the world, so I give you this:

Former NFL running back Warrick Dunn’s mom was a policewoman in Baton Rouge; she was killed by a gunman when Dunn was 18. Dunn went on to star at Florida State, and then played for 12 years in the NFL.

To honor his late mother, Dunn started a foundation that built homes with Habitat for Humanity for single-parent families. He is still doing that.

Last month, Dunn’s foundation gave away their 158th and 159th homes, one in Detroit, one in Atlanta. You don’t think this makes a difference?

12) In 2006, Dunn’s foundation built a home in Gainesville, Ga; the family had an 11-year old boy who you may have heard of.

Deshaun Watson, now QB for the Houston Texans.

Who knows what would’ve happened to that family if they hadn’t been given a home in 2006. Sometimes all people need is a chance.

11) 106 college football players are leaving school early to apply for the NFL Draft- there were 74-95-95 such players the last three years. 26 of the players come from SEC schools, 24 more from ACC schools.

Florida State, LSU, Texas all lost six players each.

10) If JD Martinez can’t play ball for $25M a year, then the Red Sox should tell him to take a hike and Martinez should go find a real job, where he won’t make $25M a year.

Enough already; he’s had only two great years and will be 31 in August. Martinez has played more than 123 games in a season twice in his career.

9) They re-sodded the middle of the field in Philadelphia this week, after lot of players slipped in last week’s game. Re-sodding a field in the Northeast in January can be dicey, but Doug Pederson said the field is in great shape, so we’ll take his word for it.

8) There are murmurs on the Interweb that Tom Brady has multiple stitches in his passing hand, which is why he wore gloves to his news conference Friday.

Betting line has dropped from 9 to 7.5 points; if somehow Brady didn’t play Sunday, the line with Brian Hoyer playing QB for New England would be Patriots, -2.

7) Alabama hired former New Mexico coach Mike Locksley as its offensive coordinator; he was OC at both Illinois and Maryland, but is considered a better recruiter than a tactician.

6) Michigan State 85, Indiana 57— For some reason Alex Rodriguez was at this game last night, sitting in the student section, wearing an “Izzone” t-shirt. He’s been on TV a lot lately; he was at a Laker game with JLo and the kids, and was also at another game with his famous wife. Haven’t heard if ARod is going to get the Sunday Night Baseball gig on ESPN, but he’d be good at it.

5) Eagles-Jaguars will meet in London next fall; game could be a Super Bowl rematch, if both underdogs win Sunday. NFL fans in London deserve better games than they gotten recently.

4) NFL has an interesting way of staying in the news 24/7; ESPN started the other day with Mel Kiper’s first mock draft for 2018— he had the Browns taking Wyoming QB Josh Allen with the #1 pick, and then the Giants taking UCLA QB Josh Rosen with the #2 pick.

3) Le’Veon Bell showed up five minutes before the END of the Steelers’ walk-through the day before their playoff game, which may be part of why some of the limited partners in the team want a coaching change. Apparently he wasn’t the only player who had a trouble with being on time, and also an assistant coach or two was in that group.

Can remember Troy Aikman telling Joe Buck in an interview program how he retired from the NFL because discipline on the Cowboys slipped badly under Barry Switzer, and it drove him nuts. Aikman was a perfectionist, and he couldn’t stand sloppy preparation.

2) Have you seen the commercial on TV where the guy in the baseball cap adopts a dog at the shelter and brings him home in his truck? Didn’t notice until about the 70th time it was on, but the guy who adopts the dog has an artificial left leg. Just noticed it, thats all.

1) I’ve been scolded by some for talking about politics on here, but I will say this: if the government shuts down, then no politician should receive a penny of pay until it starts up again, and then no retroactive paychecks. If you want to get paid, do your damn job.

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