Saturday’s List of 13: Random stuff with weekend here……

13) As I write this, Treasure Island is only sports book in Las Vegas that has the Falcons +3.5 for the Super Bowl; apparently they feel strongly about New England covering.

12) Atlanta scored a TD on the first drive of its last eight games; hard to do.

Odd stat: In Brady’s six Super Bowls, New England scored zero first quarter points.

11) JJ Watt, Jordy Nelson and Antonio Brown are all NFL stars; they were also all walk-ons to their college football teams.

10) Colts’ punter Pat McAfee retired at age 29; he’s had three knee operations in last four years, and could need more later on. McAfee is going to try and become a professional comedian. Seriously.

9) College of Charleston’s women basketball team lost two wins after it was discovered they used men’s basketballs during two recent games.

Men’s basketballs are larger than ones used in women’s games; players on other teams complained, but the refs said the balls were legit. Refs should be disciplined, too.

8) Ten kids from Bishop Gorman HS in Las Vegas got D-I football scholarships this week. Must’ve been a damn good high school team.

7) Ever hear of Hitch Moore or Doyeob Mun? Nah, me either.

Moore is the #665-ranked golfer in the world; Mun is #667.

Eldrick Woods is ranked #666.

6) So I turn the Golf Channel on at 2:30am Thursday night to watch Eldrick Woods hack around the course at Dubai; at 2:32 they announce he withdrew. Did he get an appearance fee to go over there and if so, does he have to give part/all of it back?

5) Interesting conversation Friday afternoon on The Golf Channel with David Duval from the Phoenix Open, talking about what it is like when a great golfer loses his swing. Tough to imagine a champion golfer losing his confidence, but that is what Duval says happened to him. He stood on the tee and didn’t know if the ball was going to go 60 yards right or 70 yards left. Eye-opening stuff.

4) They were also telling a story about Jon Rahm, who got a golf scholarship to Arizona State, but when he got to Tempe, he didn’t know any English.

How the bleep do you get accepted into Arizona State (or any college in this country) if you don’t understand English? Had to be so difficult for him early on; can’t imagine living in an environment where I didn’t know the language.

Rahm made $1,004,035 on the PGA Tour last year, has already made more than that this season, so things are going well for him.

3) Notre Dame’s basketball team didn’t travel to North Carolina Friday, due to a water main break in the Chapel Hill area. Game was postponed, will now be played Sunday at 1:00 in Greensboro, instead of Saturday night at the Smith Center in Chapel Hill.

2) They had the ribbon cutting for the new VSIN radio studio in Las Vegas Friday, at the South Point Casino. Brent Musburger arrived on a stagecoach pulled by the Budweiser Clydesdales.

Looking forward to my next adventure in Las Vegas; as luck would have it, I’ll be at South Point.

1— I had forgotten about Dan Quayle, former Vice-President. He was honored at the Phoenix Open this weekend, becoming an honorary Thunderbird, a group that does a lot of charity stuff in the Phoenix area. Somehow his dad and son were already Thunderbirds but the former Vice-President wasn’t.

Random fact: While he was VP, Quayle visited 47 different countries.

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