Saturday’s List of 13: Random stuff with weekend here…….

13) I’m assuming you have to be really smart to be a contestant on Jeopardy!, but the three bozos who were playing the other night know bupkis about football.

Five questions, the last five on the board in “single Jeopardy”, and zero correct answers.

Would think some “smart person” would at least know which team Tom Landry coached.

12) Baltimore Ravens’ GM Ozzie Newsome is retiring after this coming season, his 16th as GM. Big loss for Baltimore— you don’t that job for 16 years if you’re not really good at it.

11) 4-star QB recruit Brevin White has chosen Princeton over Alabama. Either the kid got a ton of financial aid or his family is loaded— Ivy League schools don’t give athletic scholarships.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has played in NFL for 13 years; he played in college at Harvard, so there is precedent for White playing in the Ancient 8, then making it to the NFL.

10) Baseball players/agents are upset over the lack of free agent signings this winter. Hard to be sympathetic with someone like JD Martinez, who was offered $20M a year by the Red Sox.

9) A man in Spring Hill, FL is accused of breaking into a funeral home and stealing items including a tub of formaldehyde. He told investigators he was bored and didn’t know he was breaking into a funeral home. Alrighty then.

8) Couple of weeks ago they had this huge motorcycle race on a course laid out on the baseball diamond at Anaheim Stadium. Hills and all that; just unusual to see how different the field looks as the stadium tries to generate some income during the baseball off-season.

7) Kirk Cousins’ agent is Mike McCartney, whose dad Bill was coach of the Colorado Buffaloes and won a national title there- Mike McCartney is also Trevor Siemian’s agent.

6) This from Christopher Kamka in Chicago:
— Baltimore’s Chris Davis led MLB last year with 75 strikeouts looking

— Oakland’s Khris Davis led MLB last year with 150 swinging strikeouts

5) Who says the Miami Marlins would go winless this season? They won their arbitration case against catcher JT Realmuto, saving themselves $600,000. Now they can trade him.

4) Tennessee basketball coach Rick Barnes felt that assistant coach Desmond Oliver was worth more than he was being paid, so he boosted Oliver’s salary himself but inadvertently committed a minor NCAA violation in the process.

Barnes felt Oliver was underpaid but didn’t know his salary supplementation was an NCAA rules violation. Oliver was later given his raise by the school instead of by Barnes.

3) Jose Berrios is a promising pitcher for the Twins; part of his off-season training regime is pushing a truck across a parking lot. Seriously.

Berrios struck out 139 batters in 145.2 IP— he hopes to pitch 200+ innings this coming season.

2) On Christmas Day, Arizona State was 12-0, ranked in top 5 in the country; then conference play started. Now the Sun Devils are 16-6, tied for 8th place in the Pac-12 and they are no lock to make the NCAA tournament. ASU is 2-5 in Pac-12 games decided by 6 or less points or in OT.

1) If you ran the Green Bay Packers, would you have consulted Aaron Rodgers before you fired the team’s QB coach? Green Bay let Alex Van Pelt go without consulting Rodgers, which upset Rodgers, for obvious reasons.  Van Pelt has since moved on to Cincinnati.

This reminds me of when the Steelers fired Bruce Arians and hired Todd Haley as their OC, so they would run the ball more, even though Arians and Ben Roethlisberger were tight.

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