Saturday’s List of 13: Random stuff with weekend here……

13) Westgate Super Contest is a $1,500 buy-in football handicapping contest; you pick five NFL games a week, and first prize is around $1M- they pay off 30 places, I think, maybe more. Thing is, if you don’t live in Las Vegas, you need a person who will put your picks in for you every week at the Westgate. 

There are actually people who charge $240 or so to do this for you; talk about easy freakin’ money. 17 times, you take the person’s five picks, drive to the Westgate SuperBook, and put the picks in. Not a difficult job. Do it for, say 8 people, and thats an easy $1,920 you’re banking. 

12) Miami Marlins traded 1B Justin Bour to the Phillies for McKenzie Mlls, who was 2-3, 3.51 in 20 games (16 starts) in the AA Eastern League. 

Bour is making $3.4M this year, is arbitration-eligible this winter, so the Marlins cheaped out on this deal- will they ever be good? Bour has 19 homers; does this mean Carlos Santana will play some outfield for the Phillies? 

11) On 4th-and-2 from the Giants’ 13-yard line Thursday, Cleveland went for it, midway thru second quarter. You would never do that in the regular season, but it made sense here, since you want to see players in game situations, and you know you can make a 30-yard FG.  

10) From Doug Kern: This season, the Colorado Rockies have had two pitchers give up 10+ hits in a game but also strike out 10+ in same game; both of them lost.  German Marquez did it Wednesday, and Jon Gray did it May 13. 

Last team to have two different pitchers lose such a game in the same season: the 1939 St Louis Browns

9) Kansas State’s football coach, 78-year-old Bill Snyder, agreed to a 5-year contract extension thru the 2022 season. The contract increases Snyder’s pay to $3.45M for this year, which will then increase by $300,000 in both 2019 and 2020.

Snyder has been in a political struggle to determine his successor; his son has been the special teams coach at K-State for a long time. Snyder would obviously like his son to succeed him. 

8) San Diego Padres saved more than $750,000 by allowing pitchers Tyson Ross and Jordan Lyles to leave on waiver claims Sunday; they also save $200,000 for every start Ross makes between 20 and 29 (he has 22 now).

7) After finishing 12th at the British Open in Scotland last month, the European Tour paid Tommy Fleetwood $154,500. One small problem; it was the wrong Tommy Fleetwood.

The guy who got the money put in his account mistakenly is a golf pro in Florida. 

6) Tampa Bay Rays’ 2B Joey Wendle seems like a decent player; he was 7-17 in his last four games, is hitting .292, so of course on Thursday, he takes a seat? Why?

Does Tampa Bay have so many great players that Wendle has to sit? He is hitting .300 vs lefties, .291 vs righties, so it wasn’t that. Why do teams get run like Little League now, where everyone has to play? Play the best players!!!

5) There was recently a 3-day fantasy football convention in Fort Worth, TX. Wonder how much people paid to get into that, and whether they learned anything worthwhile.

4) How did Daniel Murphy never wind up as a DH? To me he is a lot like Wade Boggs was, a prolific hitter who would be great to pencil in the lineup every day, but you see Murphy reach for a ground ball now and he looks like a guy on his last legs athletically. 

When he has a bat in his hands, he is still very dangerous. 

3) More baseball stuff:
— Angels put Mike Trout (wrist) on the DL.
— Washington took Jeremy Hellickson out in 6th inning Friday, after he walked bases full with a 2-0 lead; he was also pitching a no-hitter at the time.
— Tampa Bay lifted Blake Snell after five perfect innings and only 47 pitches in their 7-0 win in Toronto. 

2) I wonder every month why ESPN the Magazine still gets delivered to my house; I don’t pay for it, it is (mostly) terrible; I just shake my head when it arrives each month.

This month is (kind of) an exception; there is a very good article about Nick Saban, and 14 stories about him that explain what makes him tick. Enjoyed the article. 

1) Mookie Betts hit for the cycle Thursday but Boston lost; of the last 44 players to hit for the cycle, that player’s team went 40-4 in those games. 

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