Saturday’s List of 13: Random stuff with weekend here……

13) Has to be brutal to be a manager/coach for a bad baseball team; you play 162 games in 182 days, and you lose the great majority of them. Not fun. 

When you see the manager/pitching coach get tossed in the top of the first inning of a game, you know the frustration level has to be high. White Sox lost both last night, on a checked swing call. 

Umpires who are respected don’t get barked at as much as other guys. The ump in this case, Fielden Culbreth gets barked at a lot. 

12) When Mets’ TV analyst Keith Hernandez isn’t bored, he can be very good; Friday night he was complaining that in between at-bats, hitters go to clubhouse and look at their at-bats on video with the assistant hitting coach, before they bat again. 

Hernandez is an old-school guy; he thinks players should watch the actual game, talk about the opposing pitcher with teammates, and leave film study for after the game. 

11) Baseball stuff:
— Mets traded IF Asdrubel Cabrera to the Phillies for Franklyn Kilome, a pitcher who was 4-6, 4.24 in the AA Eastern League.
— Twins traded utility guy Eduardo Escobar to Arizona, for three Class A prospects. Escobar leads MLB with 37 doubles this season.
  Cardinals traded P Sam Tuivailala to the Mariners for P Seth Elledge.
— Late night trade; Brewers got Mike Moustakas from the Royals for Brett Phillips and a minor leaguer.

10) Aaron Judge broke his wrist when he was hit by a pitch Thursday night; he is expected to be out at least three weeks. 

9) Movie admissions: I’ve never seen Jaws or Star Wars; just saw The Godfather for the first time earlier this month. 

On the bright side, I’ve seen Rounders and Moneyball at least 50 times each. 

8) Mets’ OF Brandon Nimmo looks like he’ll be a good player, but it bugs me when he sprints to first base after a walk. False hustle stuff like that has always seemed like BS to me. 

7) Lamar Odom says he is going to play pro ball in China next season; hopefully he has his life back in order after a tumultuous couple of years. 

6) Tampa Bay (19-23) has played the most one-run games in the majors this season. 

5) There are seven new head coaches in the NFL this year; Seattle/Carolina are only two teams who have the same head coach as last year, but changed both coordinators. 

4) Chargers’ CB Jason Verrett tore his achilles, is out for the year. 

3) New Mexico State basketball coach Chris Jans makes $429,000 a year; he also gets an extra $5,000 every time he beats New Mexico or UTEP. Aggies were 4-0 vs those teams LY, but last year the bonus was “only” $2,500, so he banked an extra $10,000 for those wins. 

2) Nick Saban signed a new deal with Alabama that extends his contract by one year through 2025. His base salary in 2018 will increase to $7.5M plus a bonus of $800,000. The deal will increase $400,000 annually through 2025. 

All he has to do to make people happy is win the national title every year. 

1) Cole Hamels’ home/road splits this year:
Home: 1-7, 6.41 in 10 starts
Road: 4-2, 2.93 in 10 starts.

There is no DH in the National League; he threw a no-hitter at Wrigley Field in 2015, so the Cubs figure his numbers should improve. 

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