Saturday’s 2nd List of 13: Random stuff with the weekend here

13) When the NFL Draft takes place next week, Roger Goodell will announce the teams’ draft picks from the basement of his home in Bronxville, NY; he will become yet another person on TV whose basement looks nicer than my living room. Go figure.

12) At one point last fall, I was debating going to Las Vegas for next week’s draft, which became a moot point; they jacked up the hotel prices a lot, so I didn’t make any plans. Curious to see what the prices will be like out there when Las Vegas re-opens for business.

Read something about the 2022 Draft being in Las Vegas; it has become a good event to move around the country, maybe putting it in cities that won’t get to host a Super Bowl.

11) Long time ago, can’t remember exactly what year, maybe the late 80’s, a local TV station held an open tryout for a sports anchor position. For some misguided reason, I tried out for the job, reading off a teleprompter (which was cool) while trying not to have a nervous breakdown. It was a fun experience, but I was pretty nervous.
Part of what made it easier is that I knew I wasn’t winning this competition, I have a face made for radio, but it was still important to do well. The scores I had to read off the teleprompter contained the name of Mets’ pitcher Bobby Ojeda, so if you weren’t knowledgeable about baseball, that name would’ve tripped you up.

My cousin’s husband was an engineer at that station back then; he told me I did well, but he is a really good guy, so he may have been being nice. As it turns out, a young lady I went to high school with got the job.

Not sure why I thought of that today; maybe watching so many people broadcast from their homes reminded me of it.

10) Was watching the Mets clinch the ’86 NL East the other night, because I watch a lot of old games now; Cubs’ starting pitcher that night was Dennis Eckersley, who won 157 games as a starter, then became one of the best closers in baseball with the A’s.

How about this trade?
— A’s acquired: Dennis Eckersley and Dan Rohn
— Cubs got: Brian Guinn, Mark Leonette, Dave Wilder, none of whom ever made the majors.

9) On August 1, 1972, San Diego Padres swept a doubleheader in Atlanta, winning 9-0/11-7; their first baseman was Nate Colbert, who had one of the greatest days in baseball history:

Colbert was 7-10 in the two games, with five homers, 13 RBI, seven runs scored. He was a power hitter for bad Padre teams: from 1970-72, he hit 103 homers, knocked in 281 runs.

8) If you like pro football, I recommend Peyton’s Places on ESPN or ESPN+; lot of historical NFL stuff, and it is well done.

They had two episodes on ESPN Monday night, both geared around Green Bay; Brett Favre was driving Peyton Manning around Green Bay is a dark green Corvette Stingray that belonged to Bart Starr, the car he won for winning MVP in the very first Super Bowl. Lot of history.

7) Speaking of retired QB’s, Tony Romo only got his CBS gig only after Jay Cutler returned to the playing field, getting $10M to play one year for the Dolphins. Now that Cutler has retired again, how come he hasn’t re-surfaced on network TV?

If you’ve ever seen the reality show Very Cavallari on E!TV, that show is about Cutler’s wife, who owns some kind of a clothing business in Nashville. Cutler appeared on it once in a while; he has a low-key humor, would be curious to hear if he was good at analyzing football games.

6) When Dallas Braden pitched a perfect game for the A’s on Mother’s Day 2010, the last out was made by Gabe Kapler, now manager of the San Francisco Giants.

5) Two years earlier, Kapler was playing left field in Dodger Stadium; he dove into the stands in the left field corner to rob Russell Martin of a home run, which wound up costing me the title in my fantasy baseball league— I lost total bases by two bases that week. No bueno.

When Kapler later took over as manager of the Phillies, I had five Phillies on my fantasy squad; only one of the five is still there. Now Kapler is manager of the Giants and thankfully, there are no Giants on my fantasy team, nor will there be.

4) Chicago Bulls fired GM Gar Forman after 22 years with the team, the last ten as GM.

3) Last Saturday, a gambler won the early Pick 5 at Gulfstream Park; he banked $524,966.50 on a 50-cent wager- the first two winners were 73-1, 34-1. Good day to be that guy.

2) Not sure what I think about the idea that major league baseball floated about playing this season in the spring training sites, with teams divided by Grapefruit/Cactus Leagues, instead of American, National Leagues. I know for sure I’d be happy to watch the games, but they have to make sure everyone participating would be safe.

Would this be a precursor to permanent geographic realignment in the major leagues?

1) Ever hear of these football teams?
Baltimore Stallions, Memphis Mad Dogs, Birmingham Barracudas, Shreveport Pirates, San Antonio Texans, Las Vegas Posse, Sacramento Gold Miners.

For a very brief time in the mid-90’s, the Canadian Football League had American teams; Baltimore actually won the Grey Cup one year. 

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