Saturday’s List of 13: Random stuff on a winter day

13) Packers-Falcons Sunday is the last football game at the Georgia Dome; Falcons get a new domed stadium next season. Georgia Dome is where the Rams won their Super Bowl; kind of sad to see it go. Plus, it isn’t that old, maybe 25 years old?

Braves/Falcons both get new stadiums in 2017; people in Georgia must pay lot of taxes.

12) Was fun watching some D-League on TV this week; every college player should be glued to it, to see how many really good college players aren’t in the NBA. Until your game is as refined as it can be, you’d be wise to stay in college, get your education as you prep for pro basketball.

11) To make the NBA, you have to be great at one thing; a player named Devondrick Walker from Texas A&M-Commerce was 12-12 on the arc in two games for the 76ers’ D-League team this week. Shooters are always marketable- maybe the Sixers will call him up.

10) The Texas high school football championship game drew 35,089 fans; thats more than 20 of the 40 college bowl games that were played this season.

9) Florida State’s basketball team is 5-1 in the ACC; opponents are shooting 46.1% outside the arc against the Seminoles, only 42.9% inside the arc. Very unusual set of numbers.

8) Over his last 13 games, totaling 316:00, Rajon Rondo has taken zero foul shots. None. Bupkus.

Over his last 17 games, covering 442:00, he is 0-2 on the charity stripe. How does this happen?

7) Washington Wizards’ Otto Porter didn’t play AAU ball as a kid; his parents wouldn’t let him. His dad was the all-time leading scorer at SE Missouri State, thought Otto would develop better as a player if he just worked on his game and he was right.

6) Speaking of the Wizards, they’re 17-7 in their last 24 games, after a 6-12 start. Glad for coach Scott Brooks, who got a raw deal in Oklahoma City.

5) I had no idea that Mississauga is the 6th-largest city in Canada. Now I know.

4) If you’re a student at U of Oregon, your student ID also serves as a free bus pass for the city of Eugene, so you’ve got that going for you.

3) I’m not sure which is more surprising, that someone didn’t vote for Ken Griffey Jr for the Hall of Fame last year, or that Tim Wakefield got a Hall of Fame vote this year.

2) Georgia leads the SEC, shooting 73.9% on the foul line as a team; there are five teams in the Southern Conference shooter higher than that from the line.

1— It still amuses me how close some fans are to the benches in NBA games; those tickets cost a lot of money, but they’re sitting right next to the trainer or an assistant coach. Have to be some interesting conversations that go on, ya think?

Author: Armadillo Sports

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