Saturday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) I’d be curious to know the winning %age of fantasy football teams that own various star players; for example, on November 3, 2013, Nick Foles threw seven TDs in a game for Philly against the Raiders in Oakland. Seven TDs; it would be good to have Foles on your fantasy team, right?

Foles was on my team that year, but we lost that week; I’d be curious to know what %age of fantasy teams that owned Foles lost that week? Stuff like this interests me.

12) Jimmer Fredette made a comment in an article this week that he wasn’t highly recruited coming out of Glens Falls HS in upstate NY. I live 45 miles south of Glens Falls; I’m not sure why he said that, because I remember watching Jimmer play down in Florida in AAU Nationals and I was talking with a St John’s assistant and they loved Jimmer.

There was a school of thought amongst some coaches that because Fredette’s family is Mormon, he was signed and sealed for BYU. Maybe fewer teams offered him a scholarship because of that, but everyone wanted him, believe me. Jimmer is playing in the Chinese pro league this year, by the way.

11) In Game 2 of the 1980 World Series, Steve Carlton threw 159 pitches in a 6-4 loss to the Royals. 159 freakin’ pitches; in eight innings, Carlton allowed 10 hits, walked six, struck out 10.

If that happened today, how long before the manager/pitching coach were either fired by the owner or sued by the player’s agent (or both)?

10) If you’ve been to Las Vegas, there is a strip-mall like gift shop on the corner of Sahara and Las Vegas Blvd; you’ve seen shots of it on TV. The two acres that shop sits on recently sold for $50M; it is very close to the Stratosphere, across the Strip from the SLS Hotel.

$50M for that area; makes you wonder if another hotel will be built there soon. A new hotel is opening in that area in early December; totally Asian-themed and geared towards attracting the 200,000+ people who fly from China to Las Vegas each year.

9) ESPNU was doing ACC Media Day while I typed this up; in one segment they had Miami coach Jim Larranaga on, asking him what restaurants he goes to in Miami, silly stuff.

Then they had Roy Williams and Mike Krzyzewski on in separate segments and they are diagramming offenses on a telestrator like they’re too good to be asked the silly stuff. Why can’t they can’t ask those two where they eat in Chapel Hill/Durham?

The lower tier ACC coaches (BC, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest) were lucky to even get on air.

8) Eagles’ coach Doug Pederson played 10 years in the NFL, but started only 17 games, all in 1999-2000. First four years he was in the NFL? No starts. Last four years? No starts. He was 2-7 as a starter for the ’99 Eagles, 1-7 for the ’00 Browns.

Best coaches weren’t always the best players. Playing? Coaching? Two different skills.

7) Cleveland Cavaliers’ NBA championship rings are really, really big. They look like you’d get carpal tunnel if you wore one for too long.

6) Speaking of the Cavs, JR Smith looks like the happiest person in America, like he put one over on the authorities and he and everyone else knows it. He is making $12.8M to stand on the wing and jack jumpers whenever Lebron gets him the ball. It is good to be trusted by the King.

5) Tampa Bay Bucs’ OC Todd Monken was head coach at Southern Miss the last three years; he did a good job building up the USM program, but jumped to the NFL this year. I’d love to know if he is enjoying himself, if not having to recruit anymore is worth not being the boss.

4) 36-year old Steve Blake still hopes to make it back to the NBA to continue his long career, but for now, he is playing pro ball in Australia.

3) Singer Tim McGraw has a white Mercedes convertible with license plate “NYMTS69”. His dad was Tug McGraw, the terrific relief pitcher who pitched for both the Mets and Phillies.

2) Los Angeles Rams are 3-0 this season when they have 2+ takeaways, 0-4 when they do not.

1— I mention this now and then, but lot of football coaches are gypsies; here is where Giant coach Ben McAdoo’s journey took him, before he landed in the NFL:

2001- Michigan State, 2002- Fairfield, 2003- Pitt, 2004- Akron, 2005- Stanford

Five years, five jobs, five different states. Tough way to make a living.

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