Saturday’s List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud…….

13) Back in the early days of this website, maybe 2006 or so, I used to go Florida every summer for 7-10 days and watch AAU basketball at Disney World for 10-12 hours a day; I enjoy that kind of stuff, met a lot of nice people, learned a lot about basketball, got material for this space.

I also saw Michael Jordan’s sons play basketball.

There were six courts under one roof at the Milk House; games ran all day, with last ones scheduled to tip off at 10pm. Michael’s sons played in the 10:00pm game on Court 1 three nights in a row, with a roped-off area in the corner, where Michael and his friends sat.

12) The older son Jeffrey wore glasses when he played; not goggles, actual glasses, and the night I’m there the kid’s glasses break, one earpiece comes off. He runs over and hands the glasses to his coach, who wants nothing to do with them, but hey, they’re Michael Jordan’s son’s glasses, so he gets his little screwdriver out and puts the glasses back together.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting next to 2-3 of the kid’s friends, and they’re giving Jeffrey a hard time; “How many fingers am I holding up?”, stuff like that. The kid took it good-naturedly.

Marcus, the younger son, was the more talented of the two; both kids wound up playing at Central Florida. Can’t be easy being Michael Jordan’s son; you have a target on your back every time you play.

11) So the game ends and Michael signs autographs; maybe 50-75 kids surround him, and there is a guy standing behind him, a very, very big human.

I knew the guy who was supervising that court; asked him “Who’s the bodyguard?”

“Thats no bodyguard, thats Charles Oakley.” Charles Oakley is a very, very large person, and I would never, ever want him to be mad at me. Ever.

10) Speaking of Disney World, sounds like the NBA is leaning towards resuming their season in mid-July at Disney World, with playoffs ending around Labor Day, then next season not starting until roughly Christmas-time.

9) Parking lots at Dodger Stadium, Anaheim Stadium and Santa Anita racetrack are all packed with cars, because no one is traveling, no one is renting cars, so they’re stashing the cars in those parking lots.

8) Watching an old NASCAR race the other day, I learned that in 1971, Richard Petty won a stock car race at Albany-Saratoga Speedway in Malta, about 20 miles north of Armadillo World HQ. Never knew that; think it is a dirt racetrack.

Few years ago, I was at a restaurant about a half-mile from the track while a race was going on; those cars are very, very loud.

7) The last three months seems more like three years; had to remind myself that they had a few weeks of spring training before everything shut down. Some things to remember:
— Joe Girardi manages the Phillies now.
— Mookie Betts got traded to the Dodgers.
— Joe Maddon is managing the Angels.
— Texas Rangers are opening a new retractable domed stadium this year.

6) Steve Kerr played for the Chicago Bulls when they won three straight NBA titles from 1996-98, then he got traded to San Antonio, and he won the ’99 title with the Spurs. Not lot of guys play for four consecutive world champions.

5) I’m looking through UCLA’s basketball page today for some reason, and it dawned on me that Ben Howland made the Final Four three straight years, from 2006-08, then over the next five years, he went 58-32 in Pac-12 games, and they still fired him!!! Why?!?!?!

4) Kid named Isaiah Washington played basketball for two years at Minnesota, for coach Richard Pitino, then transferred to Iona, where he scored 11 ppg last year. Iona’s coach quit for health reasons this spring, and who do they hire? Rick Pitino, Richard’s father.

Guess what? Isaiah Washington is transferring again. Oy.

3) Been watching a decent amount of Korean baseball; haven’t decided on my favorite hats/jerseys yet, they’re all pretty nice. Hanwha Eagles might have the best hats, not sure yet.

2) Read on the Interweb that the money the owners will lose out on this season could be made up by the major leagues expanding from 30 to 32 teams, when all this is over. The two new teams will have to cough up a lot of money to join the big leagues.

1) When Shaquille O’Neal was playing for the Lakers, they had a game with the Clippers on Shaq’s birthday, a Clipper home game. Shaq needed extra tickets for friends/family, but the Clippers made him pay for them. Bad move.

Shaq scored 61 points, grabbed 23 rebounds, then said:

“Don’t ever make me pay for tickets.”  

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